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Welcome to all new writers from everyone at << Back

Date: 25 October 2005

Welcome to all new writers from everyone at

Welcome to all new writers from everyone at – everyone, that is, apart from the miserable, old help-bot who moderates our message board and whom we were thinking of disconnecting. He’s made from old toaster parts and we were thinking about putting him back into service as one.

Apart from our help-bot’s inability to offer cheerful customer service, or brown toast properly for that matter, the site is intended to be a fun, useful and informative site for new writers. 

The YouWriteOn premise is simple: you review and rate another members opening chapters and then your chapters are randomly sent to another member to review and rate in turn. 

Each month, the three highest rated new writers enter our Best Seller Chart and receive a free critique from our literary professionals, who include established authors and a literary agent.

The completed book of the highest rated opening chapters of the year will be awarded our Book of The Year Publishing Award – the author’s book will be published by YouWriteOn, available to order as a paperback through booksellers such as Amazon, W.H.Smith, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Waterstones and most US and UK bookstores. The winner earns royalties, and sales made through booksellers such as Amazon will feature on Amazon’s own book charts.

All our members can choose to self publish their completed book - as a paperback available to buy through the above booksellers. Readers who like your opening chapters on the site can buy your completed book on Amazon straight away – earning you royalties and a place on Amazon’s bookcharts. Please click on the following link for more information Publish Your Book Help.’s unique ratings premise means that you can get feedback on your writing in a lively writers community, actively gain readers for your writing, and talented writers can get noticed and published.


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