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Date: 06 June 2006

YouWriteOn Best Sellers Chart launch

The YouWriteOn Best Sellers Book Chart has launched. The chart displays the highest rated opening book chapters on, and can be browsed and enjoyed by readers. 

Each month, the 5 highest rated authors with the best opening chapters receive a free critique from a literary professional, who include established authors and a literary agent from one of

London 's leading literary agencies. See our About Us page.

The highest rated chapters on YouWriteOn will also be viewed by two top literary agencies. The agencies are The Christopher Little Literary Agency, whose authors include J.K Rowling; and Curtis Brown, whose authors include Margaret Atwood, Ed McBain and David Lodge. 

This could be you! Join for free and upload your sample chapters - View The Simple Guide To Getting Started.

 The Best Sellers Chart ratings are automatically calculated every 24 hours based on current and new reviews for authors.

The quality of writing and member reviews has been of a very high standard.    

As one of our members succinctly put it: 
‘The feedback is helping me enormously. When more than one reader hits on the same weakness, bingo - do something. Reviewing the work of others is a lesson in itself. Somebody writes an atmospheric description and you wonder why you can't do as well yourself. Somebody else misses a plot opportunity and you realise you have done that too.’

This feedback is invaluable for everyone.
So why not take the plunge and upload your own chapters for feedback? 

Here's some more member comments:  Click here to view author feedback

More about the Top Ten and Best Sellers Chart: 

The Best Seller Chart will be searchable by genre and ratings for readers who wish to browse opening chapters, and, if you publish your completed book, interested readers will be able to click from your opening chapters to buy your completed book through booksellers such as Amazon.

Sales made on Amazon will feature on Amazon’s own book charts. 

As those who are members will know, different readers will have different tastes, and, Top Ten and Best Seller chart aside, if a member reads your chapters and likes them, this can help you see how a diverse range of readers respond to your writing.

Many members are finding mainstream readership who like their chapters, and many are finding a niche readership. Keep writing, keep viewing feedback with an open mind, and we look forward to seeing the writing of all new members.



















































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