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YouWriteOn in the National Media and its new authors have been featured in national media such as the BBC News site, the Times, and The Scotsman. YouWriteOn’s aim is to help all writers develop and to help talented new writers get noticed and published. View examples of our press coverage below.

YouWriteOn - Developing Your Writing & Feedback From Leading Publishers

YouWriteOn began in 2006 to assist new writers to develop their writing. Editors for leading publishers such as Random House and Orion - who publish bestselling writers such as John Grisham, Bill Bryson and Ian Rankin - review our highest rated writers in competition periods. Through developing their stories on YouWriteOn, members have achieved book deals with Random House, Harper Collins and Orion. 

These include Doug Jackson’s Caligula, which Doug developed on YouWriteOn, achieving a six figure book deal with Random House. YouWriteOn Children’s Book of the Year Award Winner Bob Burke achieved a book deal with Harper Collins for his book The Third Pig Detective Agency after developing his story on site. Book of the Year Award Winner Patti De Lois achieved a two book deal with Penguin for her novel Bufflehead Sisters after very high sales of her YouWriteOn published book.

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The BBC News Site

the people behind the highest-ranked stories at the site,, will receive free critiques from established writers and agents."  View BBC News Site Story on one of our Book of the Year Award Winners 

The Times Newspaper

Website allows writers to evaluate the opening chapters of each other’s unpublished novels, with interjections from industry professionals."

The Scotsman

.. for the very best there's the reward that induced many writers to submit their stories in the first place: the chance of their work being critically assessed by an editor at a major London publishing house."

Doug Jackson, YouWriteOn Member who received a six figure book deal from Random House after developing his novel Caligula on YouWriteOn

Doug Jackson received a YouWriteOn funded critique from Orion Editor Sara O'Keeffe after his opening chapters were rated by members into the YouWriteOn Top Ten: 
", for example, I just stumbled on when I hadn't a clue about where to go next with the book. They gave me the breakthrough and taught me how to take criticism. It's as if a switch has been flipped. I know that I'll write from now on .. Then that took me to the next step, and if anyone knows anything about historical fiction, it's Sarah O'Keefe at Orion. I remember when she told me I needed to rework the book that I wasn't sure if I could do it, but I knew that if I could it would take me to a completely different level as a writer."

YouWriteOn Member Feedback

The feedback is helping me enormously. When more than one reader hits on the same weakness, bingo - do something. Reviewing the work of others is a lesson in itself. Somebody writes an atmospheric description and you wonder why you can't do as well yourself. Somebody else misses a plot opportunity and you realise you have done that too.’ 

YouWriteOn Book of the Year Awards - The Leap to Mainstream Publishing Success

Previous YouWriteOn Writers and Winners have achieved mainstream publishing success including a six figure book deal with Random House, and book deals with Penguin and Harper Collins.















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