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YouWriteOn Story Ratings Breakdown - Example << Back

Each month on Arts Council funded the highest rated writers of opening chapters and short stories in our charts receive free feedback from editors for top publishers, including Random House who publish writers such as John Grisham and Bill Bryson.

Once you upload your opening chapters or short story to you will be able to view your story's ratings after four reader reviews. works in a very simple way: each review you complete of a story randomly assigned to you by the system leads to a review back for your own story in return. The following is an example of a Ratings Breakdown page for a highly rated story on For your own story, you will be able to view your ratings breakdown, including how readers view your story overall and how 'fans of your genre' view your story specifically.

Douglas Jackson, who received a six figure deal from Random House after developing his novel Caligula on, "The feedback, positive and negative, from members helped me immensely. The positive gave me confidence in my ability as a writer and encouraged me to keep going. The negative showed me how to use constructive criticism to improve what I'd written and strengthened my resolve to make it work."

After 5 reviews you enter the YouWriteOn Top Ten charts. At the start of each month, the five highest rated writers in the YouWriteOn Top Ten enter our Best-Sellers Chart and receive a free professional critique from editors for leading literary agents and publishers, including Curtis Brown, Orion and Bloomsbury. The Best-Sellers Chart is where all the highest rated stories on YouWriteOn progress to, including stories that have spent 25 day cumulatively in the Top Ten. All YouWriteOn BestSellers Chart stories are eligible for our YouWriteOn book of the Year Awards.

Tip: You can hover your mouse cursor over your overall star score to view a numerical equivalent.


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