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Publishing Timeline

The whole publishing process usually takes from eight to ten weeks.

If editing is involved i.e. we prepare your book proof and you want to change the story, or realise you've made errors - this adds another four to six weeks to the production time – avoid this extra time by carefully checking your manuscript and making sure you submit it exactly as you want it to appear. Time taken checking your work before submission saves you time later.

Below is the schedule that you can expect your book to follow after your submission is accepted

1. Manuscript Submission Verification

We will acknowledge receipt of your manuscript and payment by email. You can expect to receive the cover design proofs and online book proofs by email within 3 to 4 weeks from the time your book enters production.

2. Author Proofing

This is your opportunity to check the proof of the work we send you including your covers. You are provided with up to 14 days to submit any changes or corrections. The sooner you return your proof form – notifying us that you have checked the proof - the sooner your book will be completed and ready for production.

3. Revision and Production

This part of the process takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks. At this stage your book will be fully prepared and ready for publication.

Once your book has been set-up for publication, it will be submitted through book distribution channels as outlined below.

Bookseller Distribution Timeline

Your book and title information will be submitted to booksellers and online retailers, such as Amazon, who will be distributing your book.

Booksellers update their catalogues at different times, so it generally takes approximately 2-4 weeks to make your book available at online booksellers and available to order through bookstores. Upon completion of this stage, your book will be ready to order from booksellers!

This timeline represents the typical publishing procedure and schedule for our publishing packages. It does not include periods of unexpected high demand or issues that may affect the timeline.



























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