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“Before Anything Can Happen, The Book Must Exist” 

We will next be offering free publishing set-up for new talented writers interested in publishing with YouWriteOn in three months time, click here or email  to express an interest and we will contact you when we launch our next publishing initiative. 

YouWriteOn Author on Leading  Book Chain’s Top Ten Bestselling Titles - Many Congratulation to Bob Adams

The Top 10 Bestselling Scottish titles from Blackwell: week ending 21 February 2009

1.   Pocket History of Edinburgh (Lomond Books)
2.   Spybus - Bob Adams (
3.   South Sea Tales - Robert Louis Stevenson (Oxford University Press)
4.   The House with the Green Shutters - Gordon Douglas Brown (Polygon)
5.   The Miracle at Speedy Motors - Alexander McCall Smith (Abacus)
6.   Flesh House - Stuart MacBride (HarperCollins)
7.   A Passion for Nature - Donald Worster (Oxford University Press)
8.   The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson (Oxford University Press)
9.   Scotland from Space (Colin Baxter)
10.   1982, Janine - Alasdair Gray (Canongate Classics)

The YouWriteOn messageboard will return during the week beginning  16th March.

New Function for Writers   This week we have been finalising new changes on site, including the board and we have also introduced a new function for published writers to link their sample chapters and short stories to bookseller sites. Over YouWriteOn’s history we have had many readers saying they’d like to read more of new writers’ work, so interested readers will now be able to click to buy completed books.


The aim is to encourage members to develop their writing further, and to help try to increase writers’ book sales further – as each review a writer completes of another members sample chapters, will lead to a review back for their own story in return. If you are a published writer, will your next review be from a reader who wants to buy your book?


Monty Python member quotes for YouWriteOn author's book

 "Funny, surprising and original" Monty Python member Terry Jones on The Hal X Syndrome.

And now for something completely different .. Many Congratulations to The Hal X Syndrome writer Tracey Kelly on her quote from Monty Python member Terry Jones which we have added to her cover. Tracey has a book signing this Friday at Topping and Company, The Paragon,
Bath at 7.30 pm, everyone welcome. She also informs us she has interest from an American producer in her writing a script of her novel. View book on Amazon

YouWriteOn author Bob Adams book sells out at Blackwells, Edinburgh

"I am the Events Coordinator here at Blackwell Bookshop Edinburgh. We recently hosted an event for Bob Adams, which was very successful. So successful that we sold out completely of all the books that Bob had supplied us with."

An experienced agent has been captured and faces the grim prospect of interrogation. British Intelligence must prevent this at all costs. View Book

YouWriteOn Author Gets On the Telly With Her Book Apricot Skies

"The ITV Border TV feature I informed you of aired last week. I was given just a couple of hours notice via a phone call!"

Beneath Apricot Skies is a romance with dark humour. It is the story of Orley, an American cowgirl, invited to live in Scotland by Innes, an almost bankrupt Scottish laird. Boy meets girl in Texas but the story soon unfolds into a tale of love and conflict set in Scotland.  
Buy Book at Waterstones

YWO Member’s story shortlisted for Times Competition - Many Congratulations to Justine Windsor

Many congratulations to Justine Windsor who has been shortlisted for the Times/Chicken House children’s book award competition for her story Charlie Squires Goes Elsewhere. Read an extract on The Times newspaper website. We will keep our fingers crossed for you Justine (aka user HJW!) YouWriteOn's Help Dog has put in a claim for biscuits from you when you become a bestseller.

Chocolat Writer Joanne Harris provides a quote for YouWriteOn Author Kevin Mahoney’s book A Fame of Top Halves

A tremendous first novel – wry, funny and clever” – Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat

For Elliot Gold, manager of the Duxford Ducks football team, life seems to be going from bad to worse.  His job and his marriage both face imminent demise.  He pins all his hopes on winning one last match. View Book

Coming soon .. more book signings and news, including a double book signing. 

Wishing Patti every success for her 2009 Two Book Penguin Publishing Deal   The idea for YouWriteOn publishing came after we published Bufflehead Sisters by Patricia J. DeLois in  2007, one of our inaugural Book of the Year Award winners. The novel was named number one Book of the Year in her home state of Maine by the leading newspaper there. The results was high sales and literary agent and publisher interest – Penguin will now be publishing their own edition of Bufflehead Sisters in July 2009 in a two book deal. Patti’s agent wrote to us to express interest in considering other highly rated YouWriteOn writers. We wish Patti every success with her new mainstream book edition as her YouWriteOn first edition waves goodbye this month. Picture of Bufflehead Sisters below.

Print-On-Demand Pricing - Better Prices for Readers Working?  There is a debate, we believe, to be had about the pricing of Print-On-Demand books. The advantages of POD is that it offers higher royalties than mainstream publishing, but book do tend to be priced above the norm though. YouWriteOn aims to offer better priced books for readers and higher royalties.
For example, on pricing, one of YouWriteOn’s writers, below, received interest from a Waterstones to stock her book and informs us the manager upped his order because he thought our book’s retail price of £5.99 was a good one. For the author’s page count, 136 pages, the author will receive a direct royalty from us of £1.28  on each copy sold of her book through a bookseller. This is directly to her with no other costs as the bookseller discount for her book – the amount booksellers receive of the book price for selling the book - and printing costs will already have been deducted.  

Kate Hanney, author, "My local newspaper will be doing an article on it in the next week or so, and two local Waterstones at the Meadowhall Centre in Sheffield are going to stock it - What they were particularly impressed with was the low retail price of £5.99 .." More from the writer below in pictures section. 

On one of the
UK’s largest  POD providers, with a multimillion pound infrastructure,  the same book above with the same royalty would retail at booksellers for £9.20 according to their website. This one example is anecdotal and doesn’t in itself constitute evidence that POD pricing by POD publishers is too high, but we leave writers themselves to make up their own minds. There are many excellent POD providers out there, but this is one issue to consider. Wherever you choose to print, this is one question to ask.
YouWriteOn Writers Quick Off The Mark YouWriteOn published authors have achieved a great deal in a short space of time since their books began to be published in December 2008, including bookstore signings, media articles and stores like Waterstones stocking copies – please see below for details. In the coming weeks, we will be adding further news and pictures of other writers achievements. We will also be updating writers this week that we are in the process of publishing.

“Before Anything Can Happen, The Book Must Exist” Sounds like a character from the Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams, but it’s from YWO writer David Milnes. It’s a common perception that print on demand (POD), the process by which a book is printed only as and when each order is received, is a publishing idea in which the majority of writers only sell to family and friends. The options and potential it offers should always be viewed with a healthy degree of realism. At the same time, as with Bufflehead Sisters above, and the writers below, it can help break the mould and introduce writers work to new audiences in an exciting way. Each of the writers achievements in the picture section below adds weight to what one of our writers, David Milnes wisely put, "The simple truth is that, before anything can happen, the book must exist."

Print-On-Demand – Moving Forward   
Publishing can take time. We are a new service and work very hard to deliver the right quality for books as the comments below indicate, with the majority of our initial run of books now published. This has involved a lot of flexibility, for example, a high number of writers have provided their own images as part of this process, with lots of great images, but also many not the shape, size or resolution asked for! These aspects and others have been a challenge in our publishing schedule, but an exciting one. As we go forward, we will try to add new systems to assist writers to publish and get the exact book they want at a great price with great royalties.
We look forward to continuing to develop and deliver our publishing service. YouWriteOn is well established as a review site. Our new publishing initiative for writers is developing and began seeing its first writers published in late November/early December 2008. We will try our best going forward as a new and growing service to try to assist all writers to achieve their full potential. We won’t be a publisher that claims to have all the answers, or all the best initiatives – many writers’ initiatives out there are attempting great things. But like with the site’s review development process, where writers develop best over time by listening to cumulative feedback of what works well and what needs developing, we will always listen to writers and try to adapt to what will most assist writers. 

                     BookSeller Distribution Through The Major Booksellers - If you are interested in your book being distributed and available to order through major booksellers for only £39.99 during the New Year, click here or email we will alert interested writers when we next offer publishing in 2009.

I've received my initial copy of my book 'From Zaftig to Aspie'.  It is so beautiful, thank you.  I would now like to order 30 copies to take with me to my book launch on the 26th Jan. 

The Chronicles of Joya  by Liane Carter. Book signing at BookWorld Haberneras on 20th December 2008. Book received by YouWriteOn during October 2008. View more pictures of the bookstore signing on the link below.


                              View More Book Signing Pictures

When I first received my copy of THE CHRONICLES OF JOYA I was overjoyed at the quality. Friends and family who first received copies were all blown away by the cover. I have the approval from the  buyer of a book chain to contact two more of their stores to do book signings .. Also another book chain are interested in stocking the book. They are huge in Spain (very exciting!)

The Chronicles of Joya:  Planet Joya is home to an elite group called Switchers. They travel to Earth on six-weekly assignments and transform into humans and animals. Teal is desperate to be a Switcher. Despite warnings from her dad and her spirit guide she joins the team. But on her first assignment she faces death and the destruction of her red and purple planet.
  Buy Book

Writing Therapy by Tim Atkinson
- received by YouWriteOn in October 2008 and featured in Times Educational Supplement magazine article in early December 2008 - view on WH Smith Website. Book details are provided by our printers Lightning Source to booksellers, this usually takes a few weeks for all of a book's details to feature on bookseller sites. 

This was a book that went everywhere with me during the time I spent reading it. It is one of the most unique books I have ever read. Once I'd finished reading it I felt a certain smugness, as if I alone had discovered a rare jewel. The narrator is a young woman who leads the reader on a raw excursion into a joust with madness. Writing is used as a most valuable tool in amongst a battery of less useful therapies. Be warned, this book is not an easy read, it is not junk food for the brain and... 

The Stumpwork Robe by Prue Batten I am emailing to say my order arrived yesterday here in Australia and I am totally in awe of the quality of the end product.  The cover, paper quality and printing make me delighted with what I have and impressed with your effort on the authors' part. Author of The Stumpwork Robe.



"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the publishing deal.  I have a few copies of my book (SAFE) and I'm so pleased with it.  My local newspaper will be doing an article on it in the next week or so, and two local Waterstones at the Meadowhall Centre in Sheffield are going to stock it - it was so easy, I walked in, showed them the book and explained a bit about it, told them it was available from Gardners and they went straight on their system and ordered it! No messing! What they were particularly impressed with was the low retail price of £5.99 .. In one of their stores the manager turned to the assistant and asked him whether he thought they should order 5 or 10, he hesitated and said nothing and then she said, we'll get 10 because £5.99 is a really good retail price."  Buy the Book

More Deaths Than One
by Bryan Islip. Book Received by YouWriteOn October 2008, bookstore signing in December 2008. Synopsis   Ex Special Forces businessman Thomas Thornton has settled down to expatriated family life in Saudi Arabia. He is wrongfully caught up in shariah law on drugs dealing charges. He extricates and eventually exonorates himself, only to find that he's deeply implicated in a far more universal situation.   Buy the Book

More Feedback and Pictures 

Received today my copies of The Ghost of Someone Else. Looks great inside and cover is terrific. Many thanks. I'll get back when I have more news about the reviews of The Ghost of Neil Diamond. 

Just a quick note to say thanks so much for publishing my book, 'A Breathless Hush in the Close'. I received the first copies this week and was delighted with the look and feel of them. A really professional job. 

The three copies I ordered of my novel, Stalking Philippa, arrived safely and promptly the week before Christmas. I am delighted with the quality. The text layout and jacket are exactly as I set out in the respective PDF files.

I must say a huge thanks for publishing my book Billabongo. I ordered copies of my book before Christmas and they arrived in time for me to give them out as presents. I was impressed with the covers and showed them to friends who expressed their interest and delight in reading the book.Publishing a book is all about team work and I must thank you for your fantastic effort. What a classic way to celebrate Christmas and to start the New Year.

Print-On-Demand – Moving Forward New Template Covers

As a new service, we are looking to also expand our range of template covers, below are examples of two that we are now rolling out. Covers are of course a personal preference, what is one person's art is another person's picture to hide in the garage. We will equally roll-out of service any covers that do not get good feedback. Going forward, our publishing service is new, and things which are working we will keep, things that feedback tell us needs to be improved we will try our best to improve. Like with developing a book, developing a new service can take time. Often when writing an author will find the world and characters they intended to create takes over from them. Similarly, there are parallels with a publishing project like YWO's. The speed at which writers have moved within one month of being published is quite astonishing and the YWO publishing project is working hard to accomodate what writers want to see in their publisher.


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