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How YouWriteOn works  - Development Periods and Competition Periods
YouWriteOn's premise is simple: Members upload novel excerpts or short stories.  To receive feedback, you review a  story excerpt - assigned at random by our system – and you are reviewed in return.   After 4 reviews a story enters our book charts – you see how members rated elements such as characters and story.

Development Months: During January to March each year and July to September all members provide feedback to each other so that collective feedback helps story development.  The results for each month are displayed on the 1st of the month that follows, e.g. January’s results are displayed on 1st February. The development months above are solely feedback by members to members without feedback from Random House or Orion provided on the 1st of the month that follows them.

Editorial Critique Competition Months
April to June inclusive, and October to December inclusive, are competition months with the Top Ten from May 1st, June 1st, July 1st read by Random House or Orion who provide free Editor critiques to the ten authors from the thirty they consider have the most promise. The top three novel excerpts from the ten receive a longer editor critique, the other 7 from the ten receive a ‘mini-review’ of their story excerpts. Similarly, the Top Ten from November 1st, December 1st, January 1st  are read by Random House or Orion who provide free Editor critiques to the ten authors from the thirty they consider have the most promise. The top three novel excerpts from the ten receive a longer editor critique, the other 7 from the ten receive a ‘mini-review’ of their story excerpts.  

In competition months the site decides on which stories  go forward from the 30 stories to receive the longer editor critiques and mini-critiques as above.  The site, when deciding which writers receive editor reviews,  can choose from any of the 30 stories from the months above and can choose stories regardless of their rated order in the top ten for a month. You accept by participating that the site’s decision is final. Thank you all very much for your stories and participation on YouWriteOn. YouWriteOn remains free at source and voluntarily funded including in time and resources.



The aim is to alternate development periods of 3 months where members concentrate solely on developing their writing with competition periods of 3 months

2) BestSeller Chart longevity entries are stories which have not entered the Top 5 at the start of any given month but which have gained 25 days or more collectively in the Top Ten over 3 complete months. Longevity entries with more than 25 days collectively over 3 months in the Top Ten enter the Bestseller Chart in the fourth month, these are displayed in the BestSeller Chart New Entries section on the first day of each month.

3) Once a story enters the Top Ten, the author must attach one new Reading Credit to that story every seven days to continue to qualify for the Top Ten that month. The Reading Credit requirement is to help ensure all stories get a representative amount of feedback each over the month. A Reading Credit is gained by reviewing another members'  chapters or short story.

The date by which a Top Ten author must next attach their Reading Credit will be displayed on the cover page of the author’s story. The cover page is displayed by clicking on your story title on your My Page. A Reading Credit must be attached once every 7 days and not, for example, five in advance to cover a month. 

3) Opening chapters and chapters from further on in a novel and short stories can enter the Top Ten. A member cannot have more than one upload from the same novel or short story in the Top Ten and should remove one if this happens.

4) Members require 7 reviews to enter the Top Ten, this is the minimum amount of reviews required to start to assess representative ratings for a story in the Top Ten. Each night, the ratings system will also check that a reading credit has been attached by the member to the story within the previous seven days, otherwise the story will not enter the Top Ten. 

5) Stories cannot enter the Top Ten for the first time during the last 7 days of a month unless they have gained the necessary amount of reviews to enter the Top Ten before the last 7 days of the month. This rule helps to ensure that new story achieves a similar representative amount of reviews as stories that have been receiving reviews for longer during the  month or preceding months. New stories that cannot enter during the last 7 days of a month will enter the charts the following month.

6) Novel chapters must be between 5,000 to 7,000 words to qualify for the book charts, and short stories must be between 2,000 to 5,000 words. Members can upload chapters under these word length requirements to get feedback, but chapters under the specified requirements will not be eligible for the Top Ten.

7) By popular member request, stories in position 11 to 30 are required to have attached a reading credit in the last 30 days to feature in these chart positions. This keeps the chart active and current. For those new to YouWriteOn, a reading credit is gained by reviewing another members opening chapters or short story, for which the reviewer receives a review back for their story in turn. Stories that haven't attached a reading credit in the past 30 days will be archived to the back of the charts. If they reattach a credit and meet the 30 day rule they will be 'credit active' active again and enter the charts again.  

8) Top Ten novel uploads that enter the bestsellers chart and have received a professional critique are not eligible for a further professional critique for 8 months period after they enter the bestsellers chart for the same story.  Top Ten novel uploads that enter the bestsellers chart as a longevity entry (having gained 25 days cumulatively in the Top Ten over 3 months) and which have not yet gained a longer professional critique can upload their story again if they wish to try to qualify for the Top Ten, they can only receive a max of one professional reviews for the same story within a 8 month period however.

9) Short stories can only qualify for 'mini critiques' if they are judged to in the ten best stories from the thirty stories considered as above. YouWriteOn believes the short story format is a great story telling form, and Random House and Orion editors have informed us they have really enjoyed the short stories they have read. Short stories writers are welcome to develop their stories as novels if they see potential in this, but note a short story upload cannot gain a  critique by reclassifying the same upload from short story to novel. .  YouWriteOn reserves the right not to grant a critique if in our opinion it has been not been classified accurately as a novel, for example, it bears all the hallmarks of the short story form, and/or was previously a short story upload.

Stories require 4 reviews to enter chart positions 11 to 30. Once highly positioned stories in positions 11 to 30 gain eight reviews, which is the qualifying amount for the Top Ten, they will see if their score merits a Top Ten place. 

The Top 5  in the Top Ten each month also enter our Best Sellers Chart, which is a showcase for the highest rated book chapters on the site. There is no reading credit requirement for stories in the Best Sellers Chart as they have already been rated there by members while meeting the rules above.

Other Ways to Qualify for the Best Sellers Chart

Other ways to qualify for the Best Sellers Chart are as follows: if a story gains 25 days cumulatively in the Top Ten over 3 complete months it will automatically go to the Best Sellers Chart early in the fourth month. The approach that members take in providing constructive and helpful reviews for each other benefits all, as each book that enters the Best Sellers Chart will benefit from the quality of the books around it when visitors browse.

Members can also upload rewrites, as revised chapters and short stories based on member reviews which collectively point to strengths and areas which might be improved tend to be much higher rated.



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