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YouWriteOn Adult Fiction 2010 Overall Winner The Apothecary's Daughter by Charlotte Betts joins the  previous YouWriteOn Writers and Award Winners below who have achieved mainstream publishing successes with leading publishers.  The Apothecary's Daughter was discovered by the literary agency who represents bestselling book series The Princess Diaries by the agency viewing the story's opening chapters on the YouWriteOn story charts earlier this year, and the novel has now secured a 2 book deal with publisher Little Brown - publisher of bestselling authors such as as Iain Banks, Stephanie Meyer and Patricia Cornwell. The Apothecary's Daughter will be published in 2011.

YouWriteOn Children's Fiction 2010 Overall Winner The Scarlet Heart by Justine Windsor, still being developed by the author, is currently being considered by leading publisher Orion. 

In 2009 Orion discovered and published The Legacy by Katherine Webb after viewing the novel’s highly rated opening chapters on which had received great support from members. The Legacy was YouWriteOn’s 2009 Book Award winner and has become a top seller in bookstores this summer after being selected as one of the eight TV Book Club Summer Reads, including reaching number one on Amazon UK's contemporary fiction chart in July 2010.

The YouWriteOn Book Awards History - Previous YouWriteOn Book Award Winners and Finalists who have developed on site have achieved
book deals with a range of the world's leading publishers each year since our awards began in 2007. These include:

-  a six figure book deal for Caligula by Douglas Jackson with publisher Random House who provide critiques for the highest rated stories on youwriteon each month; 

- The Afrika Reich by Guy Saville published by Stephen King's publisher

- Bufflehead Sisters by Patricia J. DeLois,
initially published by YouWriteOn, achieved thousands of sales resulting in a 2 book deal with Penguin. Publish With YouWriteOn through our new Arts Council funded publishing system - click here to email us.

- This year, previous YouWriteOn Children's Book of the Year winner The Third Pig Detective Agency by Bob Burke, which the author developed on YouWriteOn, received the Ellis Dillion Award at the Bisto Book Awards, which has previously recognised authors such as Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer.

YouWriteOn Book Award Winners developed on YouWriteOn have achieved
book deals with the world's leading publishers - including Penguin, Random House, Orion, Harper Collins, Hodder & Stoughton and Little Brown - for each year of the YouWriteOn Book Awards since 2007.

Short Story Winners 2010 - All The Great Short StoriesThat Entered The YouWriteOn BestSellers Chart in 2009 Will Be In Our Next Short Story Collection Christmas 2010 We will contact the short story writers further on in the year with publication details

Great Short Stories by YouWriteOn.Com Writers
View/Buy our current short story collections

The Judging This year's Book of the Year Awards 2010 saw many exceptional novel openings and short stories. Each of the winners and finalists carried their readers along with the unique worlds they created to be rated the highest rated stories on YouWriteOn for 2009. It was a very hard choice to decide between the stories, and the site's personal judging choice, but what each story has in common, whether a winner or finalist, is that they were each entries to the YouWriteOn BestSellers Chart, voted there by their peers. 

Equally, we believe there were many highly rated stories that did not make the BestSeller Chart but which we believe will find success too. We thank every member for their contributions. What makes the site is the contributions and constructive feedback from members to help develop their writing and other members work which gives some great stories to be enjoyed both by site readers and also to enter the wider world of literature for all readers to enjoy.

An extremely big thank you to all our new writer members who uploaded their chapters for feedback during the qualifying year of 2009 and exchanged constructive reviews. Thank you to all our literary professionals as well, who provided free professional critiques each month for YouWriteOn's highest rated members, including editors from leading publishers Random House and Orion.

How Last Year's Overall Book of the Year Winner Developed on to achieve her current success

Senior Orion Commissioning Editor Sarah O’Keefe, who became involved with YouWriteOn in 2006 to critique highly rated writers commented, “Literary agents are said to be the gatekeepers of the industry, and on the whole, they do an excellent job of filtering material – but what does an author do if they can’t secure an agent? I know from speaking with authors recently at the Stratford Upon Avon literary festival that the path to publication can be disheartening, frustrating and all too often disappointing.  Perhaps that’s why Katherine Webb’s story is so heartening. After years of toil, writing novel after novel, submitting endlessly to agents in hope of progressing her cause, Katherine ultimately found her way to YouWriteOn where she uploaded a couple of sample chapters of her work-in-progress The Legacy. The beauty of a website like YouWriteOn is that it has an in-built filtering mechanism for talent – other writers on the site award points to their favourite sample chapters and the author with the highest points is put forward for a professional critique. In this case to my assistant Natalie Braine, who simply raved about Katherine Webb’s sample chapters on the website. Even in its raw, unedited and unpolished state, the script simply knocked my socks off.  I simply cannot wait to publish this novel and feel very grateful to YouWriteOn for helping Katherine Webb’s talent to shine.”
































































































































































Charlotte Betts: "The Apothecary's Daughter will be published next summer 2011. This is the realisation of a dream for me and I will always be grateful to YouWriteOn and its members, not only for the valuable feedback but for the opportunity to allow my work to be displayed and then discovered. Thank you to everyone who helped me to improve my writing."

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All The Book of the Year Award 2010 Winners & Finalists
All of the following Winners & Finalists were rated as the highest stories on site during 2009 by site members. Click on the links below to view story excerpts.

Adult Fiction

The Apothecary's Daughter by Charlotte Betts
Dark Shadow by Karen Milner 
65 Roses by Andy Cox
4. Olivia by Yael Politis 
Lying In Wait by Elizabeth Jasper 

Childrens' Fiction

1.     The Scarlet Heart byJustine Windsor                    
2. Gravelight by Andrew Thorn
3. A Pied Piper in Penn's Woods by Rebecca Bartlett
4. Hepworth Pop, The Mermaid, and the Chicken Poo by C.J, Noble
5. The Chestnut that Grew and the Boy who Knew by Jo Heys

Click here to view all of the 2010 YouWriteOn Book Award Finalists - our charts can be searched by month for each finalist in 2009 with links to read excerpts from their stories which were all very highly rated by members

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Previous YouWriteOn Fiction Winner 2009 Katherine Webb, a number one contemporary fiction novel on Amazon, “It's taken ten years and seven completed novels, but, thanks to YouWriteOn, I have just signed a two book deal with Orion! The Legacy received tremendous support from all those who read and reviewed it on YouWriteOn .. A huge thank you to everyone who commented.”

Senior Orion Editor Sara O'Keefe, “The Legacy is a hauntingly beautiful, deeply satisfying read .. I simply cannot wait to publish this novel and feel very grateful to YouWriteOn for helping Katherine's talent to shine.”

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