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the top ten difficulties
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 29 Jul 2018, 10:47 #238808 Reply To Post
Having difficulty accessing the first to tenth placings. It's showing me first and second but then nothing. It's fine with eleventh onwards but refusing to show me the rest.
Puzzled. This site in general doesn't seem to be working well as I'm waiting forever to get reviews. And I'm diligently reviewing myself. Posting this in several places to see if anyone takes notice.
 30 Jul 2018, 01:22 #238810 Reply To Post
Hi FJ. Things have been moving very slowly for a while now. It seems there are fewer and fewer active members and reviews are very hard to come by, especially for the old hands.
At the moment very few submissions meet the criteria for entering the TT, so at present we have a top two. I think that in the development months a lot of members feel it is a race they don’t want to win, as there is no chance of a pro crit.
Still get nuggets in the infrequent reviews though.
Keeping at it - Stuart
 30 Jul 2018, 07:40 #238814 Reply To Post
Hello Stuart,
oh, that explains it. I thought it was a glitch on my computer (or the YWO one) and it was hiding the ones that are 3 to 10. Now i understand. I've just got on here again after a year away - my visits have been intermittent since I joined back in 2009 and I do get the impression there are less people on here than there were. If this is so, where are the rest of the writers going for critiicisms and advice? I'd love to go there too.
I've got a new book on here which I'm most interested in but I'd done a lot of reviews so I put credits on two of my older books just for fun as I had a load spare. And poof, straight in to one and two. So if I hadn't done this there'd be nothing in the top ten I assume from your explanation! That is weird!
I like to think my latest book is much better than they are so I can see I'm going to have a long wait for that to get anywhere near to being in the top ten! Good thing I'm starting now in that case, building up to the competition months!
Thanks for taking the time to explain.
 23 Nov 2018, 16:01 #239391 Reply To Post
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