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Many thanks Manuela (Ducats)
 Yesterday, 08:32 Post #239053

Quote: The Gannet, Monday, 17 Sep 2018 16:24
Hi Manuela,

Many thanks for the very encouraging review. Hope that you get as much out of Youwriteon as I have done.

And Wow! Your biography makes some reading.

Well done and best of color switch


I found your website perfect for my needs
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Querying competition
 Yesterday, 03:22 Post #239052

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Flintstaff and Cramp
 Yesterday, 03:22 Post #239051

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Possible new route to publication
 Yesterday, 03:14 Post #239050

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 Yesterday, 03:13 Post #239049

I'm hoping, geometry dash online.
Many thanks Manuela (Ducats)
The Gannet
 17 Sep 2018, 16:24 Post #239048

Hi Manuela,

Many thanks for the very encouraging review. Hope that you get as much out of Youwriteon as I have done.

And Wow! Your biography makes some reading.

Well done and best of luck

Branch out and try another forum website
 17 Sep 2018, 14:22 Post #239047

OK, thanks.
I now have a blog (or two): Geiser Plume; And in Spanish: Ni Aqui ni Alla
Branch out and try another forum website
 17 Sep 2018, 11:17 Post #239046

Quote: DrGuessWho, Monday, 17 Sep 2018 11:06
So... what is the address of this site?

Critique Circle. I've been on there since the 29th of July and have posted seven of my chapters in the General queue and also have a private queue running and in total have had 184 critiques (reviews) of my work so far.
It's amazing and it works really well. No-one seems to be afraid to be honest, the way you review is brilliant because you can do it inline and put a comment right where it's needed. You get more points for longer submissions (up to 2) and need to write at least 300 words. I've had a number that have been over 1000 words and one that was 5000.
Everyone is really friendly and supportive. It's free for the basic package which I started with but I wanted the opportunity to have my novel loaded on there so I upped to Premium but I've just changed to Premium Gold because you can edit while it is live in a queue which is useful as I'm getting up to 30 critiques in a week and it would be nice for the later ones not to have to repeat advice I've already acted on in my master copy.
I would STRONGLY recommend it as a wonderful tool to improve not just your writing skills but also your reviewing ones, which in their turn improve your own assessments of your own work. My story has improved out of all proportion.
Branch out and try another forum website
 17 Sep 2018, 11:06 Post #239045

So... what is the address of this site?
I now have a blog (or two): Geiser Plume; And in Spanish: Ni Aqui ni Alla
"The Stars Are Going Out"
 17 Sep 2018, 09:23 Post #239044

Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.
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OSRS Left Click Substitute for Range Cooking & Slayer Helm Tweak Detailed
 17 Sep 2018, 08:32 Post #239043

The School team have extra a left-click option to most cooking ranges. And in the future you can visually distinguish the normal and imbued versions involving Slayer helm for the in order to their appearance.

Cooking ranges alterations

There has been a left-click make option to all cooking varieties. Besides, the option to choose for you to cook any of the first twelve objects which can be cooked in the inventory through a make-x program also has been added.

These alterations sound very easy to make and appears as if it will be completely simple from the outside, but actually it includes taken Mod Kieren with regards to 5 days of solid job or so.

A little tweak intended for Slayer helm

When donning the Slayer helmet with 10 Defence on a slayer task, you will gain some sort of melee boost of fourth there’s 16. 67% against slayer responsibilities. And when it is upgraded to your Slayer helmet (i) using 1, 250, 000 Major problem Zone reward points, it will have a 15 damage improve to Magic and Ranged added. Besides, the imbued (i) version also has some sort of +10 magic defence added bonus, a +3 magic episode bonus and a +3 ranged attack bonus.

This week typically the OSRS team have done a bit fix to the color of typically the Slayer helm, and since anyone can visually tell its normal version from the imbued variation.

Finally, please remember typically the Deadman Winter Season 2018 is nearly here in less than 2 days. In case you need DMM Seasonal platinum at the start, you can come to us all.

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 17 Sep 2018, 07:19 Post #239042

RuneScape has been around because 2001, and in that time, lots of music has been included in the video game and its various expansions. Actually it holds the world document for the most original pieces of songs in a video game, currently in 1, 228 tracks. It might be ambitious to compile all those in a single collection, and while the brand new pair of releases from Lace-up Records doesn’t quite do this, they’re still wonderful: RuneScape: Original Soundtrack Classics operates through some highlights through the game’s history in their initial forms, while RuneScape: The actual Orchestral Collection is a luxurious re-imagining of the songs you like.

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Guy Pearce (not the actor), Representative of Brand and Creative Manufacturing for RuneScape developer Jagex, says of the albums, by using press release, “The community has become telling us for a long time in which RuneScape’s music is, for most, the soundtrack to their childhood and that they would like it to be more readily available. So , we’re happy to be able to make original, latest and classical versions involving some of their favorite tracks intended for them to listen to where, any time and how they want. ”

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Thank you Princesisto
 17 Sep 2018, 05:49 Post #239041

OK thank you, I understand much better.

Just briefly, this is not a public place. Not like one of President Trump's (or Prime Minister May's) rallies. This is the partially-enclosed balcony of the Green Palace, on a rather high 2nd floor. The "room" is small and everyone there is the personal invitee of the President, including the Princess and her family. There is literally no security. The Army is controlling entrance downstairs. It is a short crawl for the Princess to get to the President and the bystanders are in shock. They don't understand what she is doing until she gets to the President. They know that the President and Princess were very close, so they do not feel moved to challenge her. If a child had crawled in from the street it might have been a different story . . . .

Certainly, Guatemalan Presidents can have a lot of security, especially ex-Army officers, but this President was very much a populist and she is talking from the balcony to the people in the Plaza in front of the Palace. The assassination is totally unexpected and there would have been no need for security on the balcony.

The General is not asking for a medical report from a child. He knows the answer. He can see the trajectory of the bullet (that is why he is smiling at the ceiling) the bullet hole and the motionless victim. He is a professional, trained in Quantico. He almost can't believe his luck, because it was a tricky shot from the Plaza through the balcony, so he sort of wants to hear the Princess say it, since she is there and full of blood. It is also giving her, and the bystanders, a message, like "Do you understand who is the President now?" She gets it: that is why she tries to kill him.

OK, I am convinced on the fantasy. I will take the tag off and try to target the tags tightly. I will also look at the punctuation and writing issues and amend the story.



Thank you polycraig and jraya
 17 Sep 2018, 04:40 Post #239040

I have been seeking information on this topic for the past few hours and found your post to be well written and has solid information. Thank you!
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What is FeedaRead really like?
 17 Sep 2018, 04:39 Post #239039

I enjoyed over read your blog post. This was actually what i was looking for and i am glad to came here!
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