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 23 Mar 2014, 01:27 #178315 Reply To Post
Yes, although couched in self-reservations, my statement still seems harsh and dismissive. Ultimately it is personal taste and even the classics I read are certainly not above valid criticisms, such that when reading them I am often compelled to wonder how they would pass peer review let alone publishers'. That said, for the same reason I often particularly, rebelliously enjoy their shameless quirks and indulgences (and the very arguableness of thier genius helped make them contentious enough to maiintain notice and become 'classics'). The more fomulaic general fiction I sometimes read are often dissapointing by any criteria (pick your own authors you think it extraordinary anyone let alone millions admire). So by comparison I expect anything that makes it through ywo nitpicking and onto publication would have to be pretty damn good and, more importantly, marketable. Last word: congratulations and best wishes to all the writers catalogued here.
 28 Mar 2014, 16:21 #178450 Reply To Post
Quote: coalface, Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 13:09
Quote: pipio, Sunday, 3 Nov 2013 14:27
Yeah, well done, peeps. Nice blog, Shimbo.

How can I say this with all respect to the people who have written the acceptable and the professional people who have accepted? I've read the feeds and synopsi, and they are inane. My opinion would be even more inane if I were not judging it against the good books I have read (classics mostly) and not my own. I greatly appreciate what I have learned from ywo reviews, and have stumbled on the 1% of brilliant I would publish if I could; but none of this here inspires me to even check it out. Am I at the wrong airport?

Definitely at the wrong airport, possibly the wrong planet. Amusing though. Inane in every respect - your comment that is. Perhaps reading classics has rendered you senseless. If book shelves only contained classics they would be sparsely occupied and the world of reading a poorer place, and the number of writers enjoying plying their craft, no matter their skills, would be greatly reduced.

Variety is the spice of life. Try and embrace it, rather than make inane remarks at the work of others.
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 30 Mar 2014, 03:34 #178471 Reply To Post
Good point about variety - I read non-fiction too. 'Classics' only means stuff that's hung around and been influential or enjoyed by more people than other books (a lot of minds rotted I guess). To the extent that I commented at all about the books mentioned here, I only said I as a reader was not intrigued by any readfeed or synopsis enough to seek any out, despite my quite catholic tastes. Other readers obviously will be keen about them as these books have been selected for commercial potential. I read scores of reviews of new published books every week, have done so for many years, so I have a good idea what's out there. It was on that general comparison, and in consideration of some extracts on ywo I have been hugely impressed by, I felt dissappointed not to find something on this list that particularly interested me. That is not a critique of anything here, just an observation that I might be looking in the wrong place for what I hope to find.

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