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 28 Mar 2006, 13:30 #4638 Reply To Post
To All Members

Month end is exciting, and we know a lot of people invest a lot of effort and hope.

There's so much good writing it would be nice to reward everyone, but what we will say is that even those who don't make the Top Three and receive a critique, but have been in the Top Ten for a good length of time (we will let you all know about this in the next development stage coming soon) will proceed to the Best Sellers Chart. The idea is to help everyone develop, and that the Best Sellers Chart will feature the highest rated chapters as well as the monthly Top Three.

This is probably the best way to view the system, less as a competition and more that book chapters which do well will help to benefit each other - as if someone reads a Top Ten or Best Sellers Chart book and enjoys the chapters it will encourage them to delve around and have a look at others. That's the premise, and that's the constructive idea to help everyone move forward.

So by constructively reviewing other members work, members are benefiting themselves also, as helping others reach their maximum potential will benefit everyone who features in the charts. If a reader enjoys one set of chapters, they will be encouraged to read more – and that could be your chapters. This is a good thing to remember when reviewing. We live in days where the publishing industry is overwhelmed, and it needs a collective and constructive approach to make waves. There's some great writing on the site, and we believe you can do it.

Also remember that everyone can read the professionals critiques in the forum. They are really valuable for all members - much of the constructive criticism applies not just to the writing in question, but gives invaluable advice on how to see strengths and areas which can be improved in everyone’s writing.
 26 Mar 2011, 08:56 #114104 Reply To Post
Yes it is exciting...if only I could email uwriteon and not have my perfectly correct email address HELP PLEASE
 26 Mar 2011, 09:02 #114105 Reply To Post

I recently had a very short review...the review stated 'I might have been ungenerous with marks because I haven't done many reviews yet.

Not an exactly helpful comment on my work

Also a comment about my character spooning in three teaspoons of tea into a pot and handing another character a cup of coffee...if the reviewer had taken the time to read the story she would have read that the first character asked the second character what she would like and she said 'coffee please'...I dislike reviewers who cannot take the time to read our work properly.

And I cannot contact uwriteon because my email address which has always worked in the past does not now work and I am told that it is an incorrect format...can you please help with this...thank you...Elise
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