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YWO Winner's 2 Book Orion Deal
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Book News
 12 Jun 2009, 01:12 #61120 Reply To Post
YouWriteOn Book of the Year Awards June 2009 - Fiction winner The Legacy Secures 2 Book Orion Deal, publisher of bestselling authors such as Ian Rankin

The Legacy by Katherine Webb Joins Previous YouWriteOn Writers and Award Winners who have developed their writing on YouWriteOn & achieved mainstream publishing successes including a six figure book deal with Random House, and book deals with Penguin and Harper Collins in 2007 and 2008.

Senior Orion Editor Sara O'Keefe on THE LEGACY

"Every editor dreams of unexpectedly stumbling across a great talent – that thrilling moment when one knows, without question, that one has unearthed a tremendous new voice. Realistically, though, unsolicited manuscripts rarely see the light of day, let alone receive backing from a major publishing house. Literary agents are said to be the gatekeepers of the industry, and on the whole, they do an excellent job of filtering material – but what does an author do if they can’t secure an agent? If, amongst the vast sea of manuscripts that wash across every agent’s desk, their talent somehow gets missed? I know from speaking with authors recently at the Stratford Upon Avon literary festival that the path to publication can be disheartening, frustrating and all too often disappointing.

Perhaps that’s why Katherine Webb’s story is so heartening. After years of toil, writing novel after novel, submitting endlessly to agents in hope of progressing her cause, Katherine ultimately found her way to YouWriteOn where she uploaded a couple of sample chapters of her work-in-progress The Legacy. The beauty of a website like YouWriteOn is that it has an in-built filtering mechanism for talent – other writers on the site award points to their favourite sample chapters and the author with the highest points is put forward for a professional critique. In this case to my assistant Natalie Braine, who simply raved about Katherine Webb’s sample chapters on the website. Even in its raw, unedited and unpolished state, the script simply knocked my socks off. I simply cannot wait to publish this novel and feel very grateful to YouWriteOn and its members for helping Katherine Webb’s talent to shine."
 12 Jun 2009, 04:43 #61129 Reply To Post
Well as runner-up it's only fitting I get to be the first to congratulate you, Katherine. What terrific news and what a terrific opportunity. You definitely have the skills to take this ball and run with it!

 12 Jun 2009, 05:38 #61131 Reply To Post
Indeed - now that's dedication and an inspiration. Great news and well done Katherine
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 12 Jun 2009, 06:01 #61133 Reply To Post
Congratulations on your excellent news. I'm thrilled for you.
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 12 Jun 2009, 06:27 #61134 Reply To Post
Huge well done. Great stuff!
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 12 Jun 2009, 09:37 #61155 Reply To Post
Congratulations to Katherine. I look forward to see her novel in the Sunday Times' Top 10. And congratulations to YouWriteOn, too.

 12 Jun 2009, 09:45 #61157 Reply To Post
Katherine - I LOVED the opening chapters of your novel - an absolute winner!! HUGE congrats from me and how brilliant that YWO has helped you. This is a great site and you're a fantastic, talented writer
 12 Jun 2009, 10:29 #61164 Reply To Post
Congratulations to ALL the winners (List on home page) of The YWO Book Of The Year Awards 2009. Well done to everyone. You all deserve it and may great things happen for you.
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 12 Jun 2009, 11:57 #61168 Reply To Post

Congratulations to all, especially Kathrine. Fabulous news! Well done.

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Book News
 12 Jun 2009, 13:40 #61178 Reply To Post

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