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Writers dream come true or not?
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 02 Oct 2012, 11:16 #158706 Reply To Post
Good morning everyone,

I self publishing my first children's book back in February and have been working in schools across the area I live, both promoting and selling my book. I'm not posting this to promote either myself or my work but could do with some advise.

I have been approached by a newly independent publisher and agent, (which I know are man and wife) and I'm meeting them next week to discuss the possibly publication of my second book...I know I should be very excited as this is ever writers dream come true but there is something niggling at me.

I really enjoy being my own boss and I'm in complete control of my book self publishing it. The down side is the paying out for your work to be published and I know some people frown upon self published author but I'm enjoying every minute of it.

I'm nervous at the publishers lack of knowledge as they are new and everyone I know has said to me, everyone has to start somewhere, but I'm just not hundred percent this might be the right move forward.

Has anyone else been in this position? Or if you've got any advise, please post.

Very much appreciated!

Bookworm Barnes
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 02 Oct 2012, 13:49 #158712 Reply To Post
Sounds to me like you need a 'Pros' and 'Cons' list. Then, if they balance one another out, you'll have to go with your gut feeling.

At least, that's what I do. Doesn't always work out, though

Best of luck.

'The battle that never ends is the battle of belief against disbelief'
 02 Oct 2012, 16:30 #158722 Reply To Post
Thank you for that, that's a great idea! )
 03 Oct 2012, 00:03 #158732 Reply To Post
Don't see what you have to lose by meeting with them. Perhaps make some decisions after that. You never know, being new they may be very keen to make an impression on YOU rather than the other way round.
 03 Oct 2012, 07:57 #158736 Reply To Post
Hi, hadn't thought of that, thank you! I'm very excited about meeting them and like you say don't have to make any decisions there and then. Thanks for the advice, have a good day
 03 Oct 2012, 16:57 #158759 Reply To Post
Suggest you use a natural amount of caution and pay them NOTHING.
‘You need to get to your bed, Mr Bushel,’ said the doctor tying a knot in the bandage. ‘You have had a good hiding; I suspect concussion.’

‘Oh no, it washn’t him, Doc,’ quipped Smoothy.
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