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 16 Aug 2017, 15:07 #231587 Reply To Post
This is what I have found in trying to navigate the YouWriteOn website.
• I have requested, read, and reviewed two sample books. The website persists in telling me I have no reading assignments and no reading credits.
• As there is nothing listed under my ‘reading assignments’ I have had to search each time for the title of the book I have already downloaded for review.
• The last time I tried to post a review the page did not work properly. It took me straight to a ‘star rating’ but there were no stars to click on. I had to log out, log back in again and repeat the whole process to rate and review the book.

 18 Aug 2017, 08:31 #231632 Reply To Post
Hi there,
As you may have realized this site is sort of semi-abandoned.
The usual way to sort out yr probs wd be to send a query to Contact us on the left hand side of the page.
If you shd get an answer it wd be interesting to hear from you on this thread, as the site adminstrator seems to hv gone AWOL.
Sorry I can't be me more encouraging, but it's basically a case of getting occasional reviews on here these days.
If yr're more interested in feedback than getting into the charts, you can ask on this MB if anyone is interested in a freewill swap.
That way you at least get something back for what you hv done.
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Zuckerberg Shmuckerberg, Starbucks Sucks
 23 Aug 2017, 21:46 #231715 Reply To Post
Actually, the pro crits are still ongoing. Ted emailed me the other week requesting a synopsis of one of my Top Ten books so he could consider it for a professional review.

 23 Aug 2017, 23:01 #231717 Reply To Post
Is the correct method to send the synopsis in a reply to the email?

In this case I happen to agree with the Doc. I think the site works, and I missed it when it threw a wobble and locked us all out. Depends what you’re looking for I suppose, but a thick skin certainly helps.
 19 Feb 2018, 11:53 #237280 Reply To Post
I have never had an answer to any queries sent via the site's 'contact us' page. I have not received a review now for four weeks, despite reviewing others on a regular basis. I wish this site would either get its act together or close.
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