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Warrior King Legacy
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 22 Nov 2013, 16:25 #174500 Reply To Post
The heading of this forum says it's for YWO recommendations of YWO reads, so hope I can get away with this.

Am having the frankly pretty immense pleasure of reading Warrior King Legacy by MajorDave at the minute. If you like tales of historical figures, rebellions, and desperate campaigns against the odds of destiny, check it out, people, check it out. The story of King Vercingetorix of the Gauls, told with all the blood, mud, sweat and raunch you could possibly hope for, with extra heartbreak.

Also, bears!

[MD - the grammar's occasionally all to cock, but once that's sorted, I'd buy this thing almost as it is - one or two tweaks here and there, but thoroughly absorbing]
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Check me out on
 23 Nov 2013, 08:17 #174507 Reply To Post
Well, he gets a free copy. I'll be taking orders in the tavern.

Seriously, thanks for that Falco, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Should have gone to school more often
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