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Timeline Of Bridal Dresses In The Twentieth Century
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 13 May 2015, 05:00 #185323 Reply To Post
In his decade, revolutionary changes were done with fashion. Up well to 1920s, bridal dresses were created in accordance with what's the norm. The hemlines rose from shoe to above the knee and became more curtailed. But later, many considered the length of the bridal dress inappropriate for church services, thus the replacement of full-length gowns. In this decade too was the dropped waist and shapeless bodice dresses reach its height of popularity.
The depression in thirties followed the roaring of the twenties. Women changed from the boyish look to the more profound expression of a woman's body. Normally, the bridal dresses in this era hugged the body of the bride. To emphasize the shape of the body, tulle strapless bridal wedding dress were given boat-shaped collars.
Fashion in the 1940s almost died down, and the same was true for the white bridal dresses. Clothes rations started in 1941 and continued up to the end of the World War I. A number of brides struggled for silk dresses but most suited themselves for the uniform. Those who were not commissioned in the army wore the same costumes.
The padded shoulders of the last decade were superseded by the narrow shoulders in the 1950s. However, many brides wanted their dresses adopt the intermediate style. The bridal trains were fashioned after the trains of the Elizabethan era. But another fashion arrived- The New Look outfit. Simply put, the New Look outfit is tailored after the ballerina dresses in terms of length. The dress typically has a jacket bodice with tight sleeves.

 18 Apr 2017, 07:00 #226662 Reply To Post
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 25 May 2017, 12:04 #226964 Reply To Post
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