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The World Needs a Moron?
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 21 Feb 2017, 16:18 #220708 Reply To Post
I have been a member since day one, and I have often enjoyed reading the MB without contributing much, except in the Thank You forum. I still do read it despite the spam. I do regret what the site had came to, and, being the bored and imaginative paranoid I am, I have formulated a nifty conspiracy theory about the downfall of YouWriteOn, which I would like to share with you.

About three years ago, there was this guy who posted a story called “The World Needs A Moron”. A rather prophetic title, one now might think, given the Orange Menace across the pond. It was about a Russian plan to rule the world by rigging the elections in certain key countries, using a cyber attack and an advanced, never used before, psychological technique to mess with the minds of voters. That technique heavily depended on social media. The cunning Russian plan started with stirring riots and revolutions in third world Middle Eastern countries for strategic reasons I do not remember, and then was to proceed towards controlling the world’s major powers. Or so was the plan as laid by a typical, rather clichéd Ex-KGB officer. Any of you remember that story?

I do remember it very clearly because shortly after it appeared on the TT, and climbed with suspicious speed to the number one spot, it was deleted and its author banned. This soon developed into one of the MBs more interesting scandals.

Moron’s author registered again and posted a complaint, only to be banned again, along with almost everyone who supported him or reviewed his story. Ted explained that Moron’s entrance to the TT was an act of fraud involving a knitting circle of some sort.

It didn’t stop there. The fraudulent author returned again and insisted that his account was hacked, and so did several of the other banned members. Yet the whole bunch kept getting banned. Almost everyone who reviewed the story complained about problems with their passwords to the site.

Shortly after, this website went into disarray. Its scoring system and overall design were ruined in a way that guaranteed its death under the pretext of beefing up the security. Shortly afterwards, the grants and financing for the site slowed into a trickle, and the prized critiques become scarcer and scarcer. Ted became harder to contact. It was as if people were being told, in a most polite, efficient, and inconspicuous manner, that the party is over, Go Home.

Now, if any of you might happen to have reviewed The World Needs a Moron, and (very improbably) still has the excerpt on his device, please let me know. I think I would like to read it again.
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