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Thanks Chazbizz
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 09 Feb 2018, 03:53 #237249 Reply To Post
Hi - thanks for the review. I'm glad Postcards has you intrigued - whether the hints at identity swap or theft are true or not, whether this is the main mystery or more a red herring. Postcards is the first novel I saw through from go to whoa and I'm still pleased with it. It's a light, fun and easy read in the nonexistent 'Male chicklit- mystery-science fiction-romance' genre. I've learnt that some readers have trouble accommodating all those genres in one package, especially folk who aren't much into Science Fiction. However, all these elements have been introduced in the first few chapters you've read, so expect it to continue in a light vein until the sting in the tail. If you have difficulty locating it on Kindle, do a search there on George Adams Postcards. I'm confident you'll enjoy the rest of the story and would love a review on FaceBook page 'You Read On', so message me there when you've finished or on my email address which I've got on YouWriteOn. Cheers! Alf Fry, writing as George Adams in this instance.
 09 Feb 2018, 21:13 #237253 Reply To Post
Quote: DrGuessWho, Friday, 9 Feb 2018 19:47
A better name for "male chicklit" would be:


In which case, one might argue that a better name for chicklit would be:


You may be onto something there, but would it be a selling point?
 11 Apr 2018, 03:47 #237408 Reply To Post
Thank you so much my friend good work and good luck for the next!
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 21 May 2018, 05:36 #237541 Reply To Post
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 21 May 2018, 05:36 #237542 Reply To Post
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 20 Jun 2018, 04:48 #238615 Reply To Post
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 27 Jun 2019, 07:24 #244190 Reply To Post
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 27 Jun 2019, 07:27 #244191 Reply To Post
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 14 Aug 2019, 09:35 #245652 Reply To Post
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