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Thank you mike2348UK
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 11 Jan 2019, 23:07 #239759 Reply To Post
Staying well out of that one mate, a poison chalice if ever there was one.
Anna Hunt
 12 Jan 2019, 11:42 #239764 Reply To Post
Westminster! Grrr...

Perhaps, though, one of you good people could offer to be a moderator on youwriteon?


Top Ten (or 2, 3, 4 etc) Watcher?

Lost Upload Hunter?

Something that will help keep this good place going strong.

Any takers?
 12 Jan 2019, 13:51 #239773 Reply To Post
Another poison chalice looking after websites I'm afraid Anna! Theoretically it's a case of ensuring the spam filters are continually updated (says she who has no knowledge of how these things work). I notice that someone went to the effort to have the site brought into 2019 so that was well done. Is poor Ted still about?
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