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Sex on YWO - Is it okay?
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Brenner Col
 12 May 2016, 12:24 #195968 Reply To Post
I’m a new member, haven’t put up my first story yet and I’ve probably broken every rule already by putting this question here – sorry!
I’ve checked the FAQs with no luck, the Help Forum doesn’t seem to have been used since 2009 and most of the forums seem to be infested with sales spam.
I write short stories with an ‘adult’ content, and I’m wondering if they are suitable for YWO. It’s not porn, or even explicit erotica, and I can remove or tone-down the sex without, I think, affecting the stories too much.
I appreciate that not everyone wants to read that sort of material, and I don’t want to offend.
There doesn’t appear to be an ‘erotica’ category – so would an ‘adults only’ warning on the description and preface suffice?
I have other stories with no sex, if it’s a problem - as a new writer (but an older person), the feedback is more important to me than the particular story.
 12 May 2016, 13:39 #195969 Reply To Post
You seem to have answered your own ?.
Just put the warning on - & make it as clear as possible.
Not that that means you are not going to get tut tutters.
I've tried umpteen versions of explaining that my story is not a novel & therefore not to go looking for a plot...
Yet still I get comments saying the likes of "I can't see where this is going".
Good luck....
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Brenner Col
 15 May 2016, 06:51 #195994 Reply To Post

Thanks Notleyab.
I don't mind tut-tutters. Like I said, 'erotica' is not everyone's thing.
But I was a bit concerned when I read that stories are randomly assigned, presumably without reference to the age of the reader - even though d-o-b is on the personal page.
I'll go with the 'warnings' idea.
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