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Selling my play about Doctor Who fans.
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 15 Sep 2009, 01:37 #71612 Reply To Post

Pauli here...

My latest play has just been confirmed for a second production with a professional theatre company.

I'm very excited!!!

I guess my next question is how I use this opportunity to further promote the play in question.

The show is about a group of Doctor Who fans - I have the blessing of the BBC (in writing) and at the recent National Play Conference the script was also given the thumbs up with no changes suggested.

I don't have the money to travel the country knocking on the doors of theatre companies but I find when I email I either don't hear back or if they do say they are interested there is never a follow up.

I believe in the script and the audience feedback / reviews have been great.

I don't ever expect to make a living from writing plays but I would like to push WHO KNOWS as much as I can.

Do I search for an agent?

Should I be mailing details rather than sending email?

I'm about to submit the play to the Australian Script Centre for listing which should hopefully help.

Any thoughts would be great!!! Thanks.

Who Knows postcard.pdf (379Kb) - 214 view(s)
 15 Sep 2009, 01:47 #71613 Reply To Post
A review from the first production earlier this year...


What Would the Doctor Do?
Feb. 21st, 2009 | 09:35 am

The play is WHO KNOWS?, a locally scripted and performed play about Doctor Who fandom, by Paul McIntyre. And it was BRILLIANT. I really enjoyed the story, based around a convention and featuring six members of the Tasmanian chapter of the Doctor Who fan club who are running said convention: President Colin (mostly offstage), the quintessential Who nerd who lives with his mother, talks in a funny voice and has the theme tune on his phone; our hero Russell Lambert (Matt Wilson), who turns 30 today, worries he has nothing in his life but his love for Doctor Who, and has so many relationship issues that he isn't prepared to tell anyone about his secret girlfriend; Sarah (Clare Gray), the organised one of the team, who is frustrated at Russell's fear at revealing their relationship, and determined to help him fix the rift with his estranged brother (who stole his fiancee three years ago); Ian (Roger Chevalier), the shambling older gent who is a shoulder for the young ones to cry on and constantly quotes old BBC TV shows; Frazer (Ben Paine) the obligatory gayboy, who dresses in full kilt for most of the day, has a crush on Russell, and basically acts like a bouncy anime character) and finally the mysterious founder of the Doctor Who Fan Club of Tasmania(Noreen La Motte), a wealthy patron who glories in the fact that she once had a walk on part in "The Underwater Menace" (third fish person from the right).

Added to this mix is Russell's estranged brother Peter (Andrew McNicol), a brash bully of a man who sneers at his brother's hobby and stands at the outsider who does not understand the language of the Doctor Who fans... and underneath that, there's a genuine hurt and a family history begging to be unwrapped. [the brother stole Russell's Tom Baker scarf and his fiancee, and I think we all know which was the greater hurt...] The story is fun and fast, and full of references to the old and new show, with a million quotes for the obsessive fan to spot. Some scenes are utterly glorious, the high point of the play being when Russell, Frazer and Peter are kidnapped and locked in a basement, and the two Who fans deal with this unlikely arrangement by asking each other what happened in "The Visitation" (including obligatory delay to discuss how much they hated Adric) while the token mundane among them has a meltdown about the fact that he doesn't understand a word they are saying - and meanwhile, Sarah is coming to rescue them through the air vents, wearing a Sara Kingdom costume...

The whole play was gloriously funny in a loving way. It was so nice to see a comedy about Doctor Who that didn't employ any of the bog standard parody jokes. The local Tasmanian jokes were enjoyable but I can totally see how the script could be used by people in other locations with only minor changes. There was some touching relationship stuff, lots of funny character stuff, and so very many layers of in jokes and references to the old and new series. In particular, we got to see a range of ways in which oldtime fans have incorporated elements of the new show into their fandom. And even a Matt Smith reference for extra relevance!

The performances were really enjoyable, particularly Matt Wilson playing Russell, who got to be funny, romantic, vulnerable, depressive, and in his best moments, utterly channelled the Doctor to get him through. Not many people can carry off a scene while only wearing a pair of Tom Baker underpants. I also had a soft spot for the fluffy and fabulous Frazer (Paine) as well, but all of the actors had some great moments and carried their parts with conviction. I definitely believed that these people had been friends a long time, even if they are the kind of friends who don't necessarily know each other all that well. I loved Chevalier's quiet Ian in the first part and the surprises he pulled on the audience in the second. La Motte was dramatic and queenly, and her early lines spoken over the phone from the audience were particularly powerful, though she didn't disappoint when she finally appeared on stage. McNicol carried off an unlikeable character with hidden humanity and preserved the awkwardness witht he brotherly relationship all the way through. Gray held it all together as the sanest Doctor Who fan of them all, and the only one doing any work, classy and likeable, constantly juggling her boyfriend's fragile ego with her own frustrations.

Another review here, by the ever reliable Wal Eastman, who gives the wholly necessary perspective of the non Who fan.

The play is still going until the 28th in Hobart, so if you're a Doctor Who fan you definitely want to go along! Seeing it with other fans is an extra part of the experience - one of my favourite moments was when the villain started ranting about all the things she disliked about the new series, only to hear godiyeva solemnly agree with her behind me... According to Wal it's a good little play even without a depth of WHO knowledge, though, so it's worth it for a fun night out even if you're vague on anything more than what a Dalek is. You should still be able to get tickets through Centertainment - it's at the Peacock Theatre, which was sadly only about half full when we were there last night, so it might not be too late to grab Saturday tickets for tonight.
 17 Sep 2009, 13:29 #71677 Reply To Post
The Writer's Handbook has agents in it that deal specifically with theatre and plays.
 18 Sep 2009, 05:40 #71717 Reply To Post
Also, if it's a play then why not go back to the BBC with it as a submission for broadcast as a Radio 4/World Service play?
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 18 Sep 2009, 16:27 #71752 Reply To Post
The deadline for this year has passed, but I've heard good things about this:

Also, where can I buy Tom Baker underpants?!!
The Tower of Clavius Boon
Allan Mayer
 21 Sep 2009, 21:46 #71905 Reply To Post
Try Bafta Rocliff New Writing forum- they're looking for scripts but deadline is 25th Sept.

also (one hour shows, half hour sitcoms, original pilots- deadsline 15th Oct.)
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 30 Sep 2009, 00:52 #72456 Reply To Post
Thanks everyone - I've only just been able to access the board again - but will look at the suggested options for future reference.

On the plus side another theatre company here in Australia have picked up the play - opening night is Wed March 10th - just when my partner and I were planning to be on holiday - but have to stay for opening night.

 07 Sep 2019, 06:22 #245805 Reply To Post
Quote: PDMc, Wednesday, 30 Sep 2009 00:52
Thanks everyone - I've only just been able to access the board again - but will look at the suggested options for future reference.

On the plus side another theatre company here in Australia have picked up the play - opening night is Wed March 10th - just when my partner and I were planning to be on holiday - but have to stay for opening night.

This is really great,unique and very informitive post, I like it.
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