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 13 Feb 2011, 12:11 #110761 Reply To Post
There seems to be an ever increasing propensity for Assignees to just sit on their assignments, doing sweet nothing about them until they are taken away, and - I guess have to join the queue again. Very frustrating for the author.

Might I suggest that, in the absence of an actual election to reject, made within 24 hours of an assignment being dished out, then the computer is programmed to demand TWO credits to earn a review; and in the case of anyone who just lets an assignment run out of time by default, then THREE credits.

Anthony Bavin
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 13 Feb 2011, 12:27 #110764 Reply To Post
you can suggest it but YWO hasn't got the money to pay for a site reprogramming.

Have you ever sent a MS to a publisher's/agent's slush pile? You have to wait a considerable time for a reply and if a rejection, it's usually a standard form letter that tells you nothing about your work.
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spotty leopard
 13 Feb 2011, 14:10 #110769 Reply To Post
Yup, and if you're published, you can't force people to buy your book either.

I've taken a quick look at The Mine, and my subjective feeling is that if there is a story, it's starting slowly. There's a lot of description of the protagonist's predicament, but nothing happens. It's story that draws readers in - lack of it puts them off. (There, you've got a very brief review out of me.)

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 13 Feb 2011, 19:40 #110791 Reply To Post
Congratulations on your literary agent news!
 13 Feb 2011, 19:53 #110794 Reply To Post
Oops! Just saw that the message wasn't about literary agent news, but something else. I've dug this out for you.

Below are some helpful hints that Ted has thoughtfully included on the website:

Tips for getting more/faster reviews:

1) Your Genre - Occasionally some genres can hit unlucky stretches for example, fantasy, romance or other genres. For the purpose of trying to obtain more reviews, you may want to click the edit button on My Page and make a story look less genre specific to try to avoid any preconceptions assigned readers may, for example, bring to the fantasy genre, and, for example, change the genre to general fiction, make the synopsis look less genre specific and more mainstream, etc. It's not an ideal option, but reflects how, for example readers in bookstores might browse and be encouraged to open a book with as few biased preconceptions as possible.

2) Read Feed - Click edit next to your story title on My Page and add a paragraph of text from anywhere in your story. The aim is to help entice the reader into reading more along with the synopsis when they are assigned a story.

These tips may assist .. "THANK YOU, for your assistance and for the helpful suggestions, too--did drop all but one listed genre on your advice, and also added a "read feed" and--what do you know--a review just came in! YAY."

3) Your Reading Test - Is your Reading Test correct/is it too complex? Remember that readers are not as familiar with your story as you and will generally notice big events that occur throughout your story, and not minor details such as what a character is wearing, or, for example, the colour of eyes. Consider your Reading Test from the viewpoint of a first-time reader and set questions that the reader will generally notice as they read along. Make sure that all the answers to your test are contained within your sample extract, especially after you edit your story test. To edit your Reading Test, login and then click on the pen symbol next to your story title on your My Page.

4) Your Synopsis/Story Opening - Look at your story synopsis and opening and consider it from the point of view of a browser in a bookshop. For example, compare your story's immediate appeal with other stories on site that have received a lot of reviews. As with book store books, often a story's immediate appeal may draw the reader in. If your story is very genre specific, for example, a romance story, consider making the synopsis less genre specific so that it will appeal to a wider variety of readers.

5) Your Text Layout - So that stories can be read across a variety of Internet browsers, you should paste your stories onto the site with no indentation at the start of each paragraph and a line of space between each paragraph. If your text is all 'clumped' together in long paragraphs, this will affect the amount of readers you will receive. To edit your text to the correct format, login and click on the pen symbol next to your story title on your My Page. This will will take you to a page where you can edit your text. Edit your Reading Test first before you edit text to ensure that the Reading Test is still relevant.

If a member feels their story may assist from a new version being uploaded and starting afresh with reviews and ratings, they can upload again by clicking the button to upload a story on My Page.
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 13 Feb 2011, 21:04 #110808 Reply To Post
Time outs can happen for any number of reasons and you don't really know what's going on in the life of the person who's "sitting on it". I've had a run of bad luck and unfortunate circumstances recently which have all meant with the best will in the world I've had to pass things up and had time outs about which I could do nothing at all. It's all so random that you might get a better review than the timeouter would have given you. Sit back and wait-it will come to you eventually/
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