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Professional Writing Tips and Techniques - New
This forum is for Writing Tips and Techniques for all members. The Professional Critiques forum gives valuable writing advice for all members and it is very useful to read the highest rated chapters and their critiques.

We strongly advise getting a range of reviews on YouWriteOn, one opinion is just that, but experience has shown that a range of opinion collectively gives evidences of strengths and areas which may be improved. Rewrites based on feedback have tended to do much better.

Please feel free to post any writing tips or techniques of your own and we wish everyone every success with their writing.
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  Author Photographs
Lin Lee Liu 9 Yesterday, 13:48
by: wq123
  Americanising A UK Book
Americanising a UK Book
Wirralauthor 13 Yesterday, 13:48
by: wq123
  To Kindle or not to Kindle
PJR 41 Yesterday, 13:48
by: wq123
  Questions To Ask A Critique
Lin Lee Liu 100 Yesterday, 13:48
by: wq123
  Help on grammar please . . .
Past Tense - Present Tense
DaiBach 8 Yesterday, 13:48
by: wq123
  questions, questions
when is a ? not a ?
willow55 19 Yesterday, 13:48
by: wq123
  UK English grammar checker
artista 1 Yesterday, 13:48
by: wq123
  Further or farther
draig 6 Yesterday, 13:48
by: wq123
  POV in Kids' Books. Tearing hair out here!
louheneghan 8 Yesterday, 13:48
by: wq123
  Telling and showing in writing.
DanlTetley 23 Yesterday, 13:48
by: wq123
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