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Poor reviewing.
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 24 Dec 2016, 08:46 #201204 Reply To Post
I've always felt under qualified to review work. But as time's gone on I think I've improved, (I think. I at least make some effort to read the work I'm assigned and try to remain as objective as I can when giving the review. I had a review yesterday from someone, that by the look of it hadn't even bothered to read the story. He said, 'Good writing, but redundant scenes.' And then went on to more or less say he couldn't be bothered to read on! Wtf? does that mean. And that was more or less it! Of course to make it look like he was making an effort he then flagged up some sentences he deemed were not well put together. Ha! When I looked up his work he was into a genre that I have absolutely no interest in and so therefore assumed he probably felt the same about mine. If I don't (really don't) like what I'm reading, I'll send it back. Am I being over sensitive. Do I really care? Does anyone really care?
 24 Dec 2016, 16:41 #201205 Reply To Post
Hi Terry
I think reviewers have many different styles, motives, and agendas. I also think writers hope for different things from reviews, which means writers will be disappointed by some reviews, and reviewers will be disappointed by writer’s reactions. However, every now and again you will receive a review of the type you are hoping for, and IMO that makes it all worthwhile. (Some people ensure this by reviewing themselves, but that is another discussion.)
In answer to your question, yes, there are a lot of people who care – I am sure you are one of them. Good luck with the writing and here’s hoping you get a quality review for Christmas. Stuart.
 24 Dec 2016, 19:08 #201206 Reply To Post
Thanks for your comment Funny enough Carters I did get a 'thought out' review today. The reason I wrote about negative one earlier was because of my own poor reviewing in the past and how it can mean a lot to someone to, not necessarily get a 'good' review, but one that's been considered. It's just as well we can't reply to our reviewers. Ha, I imagine that could go on forever.
 24 Dec 2016, 23:24 #201207 Reply To Post
I am sure we all have skeletons in our reviewing past that we would not include on a CV. Give what you would hope to receive is not a bad policy IMO.
 10 May 2019, 14:30 #241840 Reply To Post
In any case, I wish you good luck!
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 11 Sep 2019, 14:40 #245825 Reply To Post
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