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OH NO!! Down to 18!!!!
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 22 Jan 2014, 17:58 #175837 Reply To Post
Folk are dropping like flies-will I be next or will Ted arrive just in time to save me from my fate?
"Tread softly - some people have bunions"
 26 Jan 2015, 13:10 #184271 Reply To Post
Quote: rinkytink, Wednesday, 22 Jan 2014 17:58
Folk are dropping like flies-will I be next or will Ted arrive just in time to save me from my fate?

Now down to 16!
But I've just seen the previous message was posted a year ago.
Nobody told me I was climbing aboard a sinking ship.
Any other survivors out there in the murky waters?
 02 Apr 2015, 19:04 #184896 Reply To Post
In the end, it's improving that matters, mates.

Get reviews, change stuff and get on with it. The charts are a bonus, but how many really get taken up by the big publishers from these charts? Stop dreaming.

Check it out, next to none.

The great thing is, you and me get better, and that sets us up for an agent hunt.

The very best of luck!
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 02 Apr 2015, 23:27 #184897 Reply To Post
Patricia, I think you got hold of the wrong end of the stick of an old thread. They were talking about the number of logged on members.
Your point is valid though.
 03 Apr 2015, 06:13 #184898 Reply To Post
Oh, right, dozy me.


Ah well, it shifted an old post. I thought the site would be frantic this month... wrong. One of my books hasn't had a review since 4th March... (Driven by Secrets) an entire month waiting. I've got more credits than I know what to do with.

This post was last edited by patriciaa, 03 Apr 2015, 06:14
 28 Apr 2018, 22:22 #237467 Reply To Post
Ah, this would explain why I have no reviews.
I am new to the system, have 5 credits and only one out for review. This has been out, pending for 4 days now and I was feeling a little down to say the least!

Anyhow, my contribution to YWO is called "A cat of many tales", if anyone would kindly take a 30 minute break and offer me some feedback on my first novel..
 10 Mar 2020, 12:29 #248180 Reply To Post
The irony being, Patricia, you have now sold HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of books!

You should get back in contact with YWO and get your book covers on the front page!

Best regards
Chris B.
This post was last edited by CJB, 10 Mar 2020, 12:30
Albert smith
 31 Mar 2020, 12:08 #248306 Reply To Post
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