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Jeremy Corbyn
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 30 Jun 2017, 11:05 #227485 Reply To Post
perhaps as dog owners these Scots have a certain pedigree.
Let's not forget that Murdoch is of Scots blood - and Trump.

I was told - and am still hearing - thru the grapevine tt Brexit won't happen.
But it's getting hairy, even though the polls now show a majority for Remain while MayTron continues to argue she's following the pple's will.
Wd be great if Brex was called off now to save all the wasted time & money tt cd instead be channeled at relieving austerity.
Of course it's dragging out cos scrapping Art50 wd mean the coup de grace for SnowWhite MayTron & her gang of toxic gnomes.
Talk abt selfish opportunists.
If pple still want fox hunting , why not start with Liarm...?
Zuckerberg Shmuckerberg, Starbucks Sucks
 30 Jun 2017, 20:41 #227491 Reply To Post
"...perhaps as dog owners these Scots have a certain pedigree.
Let's not forget that Murdoch is of Scots blood - and Trump."

For a supposed Travel Writer you really do like to cast slurs on whole nations, don't you?
“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”
 02 Jul 2017, 07:12 #227505 Reply To Post
Quote: DrGuessWho, Saturday, 1 Jul 2017 15:11

Or have you not really thought it through and are just parroting the Momentum script?

You didn't get this b4, but in the slightest of chances I'll repeat it.
JC is not the new messiah.
But that doesn't mean to say all his ideas are rubbish
People see previously nationalized industries such as railways, power, water now making huge profits for Tory supporters & thr ilk at a time when they themselves are struggling to make ends meet.
Unfortunately, some of these same pple will have bn encouraged by this to vote Brexit, in addition to those who were simply sucked in by the Tory liars.
My own sadness over Brexit stems from being a European who was born in a sub region called England of a region called UK.
I see this as weakening all 3 at an already very difficult moment in history.
BTW, yr comment abt translations is noted.
Great line coming from someone who Trumpets himself as being bi-lingual.
Yet in 6 letters you make 2 mistakes in writing out the name of 1 of those languages in the other in yr carefully??? prepared YWO excerpt.
It's inglés old boy, not Armpits....
Zuckerberg Shmuckerberg, Starbucks Sucks
 03 Jul 2017, 07:37 #227512 Reply To Post
Oops, slight anatomical error acknowledged...

What's yr excuse for making 2 mistakes in 6 letters as a self-acclaimed "bilingual"?
Zuckerberg Shmuckerberg, Starbucks Sucks
 03 Jul 2017, 11:05 #227518 Reply To Post
I tend to prefer Einstein's view on intelligence ("The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.")
If one can escape the indoctrination of their culture, class or country (and perhaps religion) this may be perceived as intelligence; they are thinking outside the boxes forced on them.

A sun reader from Weston (a white town in ignorant and blissful isolation) decides to 'avenge' an attack on my city, in which someone drove a van into Londoners. He does this by, erm, driving a van into Londoners. Is that intelligence?

I travel back to the Smoke on Branson's 'train service' where the train stops in Preston and hundreds of passengers are told to leave it because they can't find a train crew for the rest of the journey. They put us in another train and announce the bar and cafe is open 20 minutes BEFORE they tell us they can't find a crew for this train either and we will have to go to another platform. Is this intelligence? Canny perhaps.

Intelligence is not regional but one can be surrounded by it, either by design or happy accident.

It's all Greek eh?
The dated Victorian term Ephebophile (from Greek for “one arrived at puberty”), refers to people mostly attracted to 15 to 16-year-olds; infantophilia,(anything under 6);teleiophiles (meaning, “full grown” in Greek), prefer those 18 years of age or over, while gerontophiles fancy grumpy old bastards like us.

A paedophile originally referred to sexual activity with pre-pubescent children but the tabloids have blurred that definition to include offences against teens (and their offences against each other like sharing nude pics on their phones). Various terms are applied to different age groups in different circles, which makes the coining of any definitive term difficult.

The key consideration must be whether it is an offence punishable by law in your country.

In the UK, the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000 states that anyone over 16 can have sex (17 in N.I), regardless of preference. Persons in a position of trust, doctors, teachers, priests, etc, cannot have sex with under 18s in their charge. So shagging teenagers who are up for it isn't necessarily illegal. 'Molesting' teenagers, or anyone, is though. But then it always has been.

Of course in Argentina, the minimum age of consent is 13, regardless of gender or sexual orientation and only illegal if the minor was exploited. So anyone can bugger anyone, basically. That's Utopia for you.

We in Europe however, can be thankful our children are protected by the EU convention on the protection of children against sexual exploitation and abuse... oh wait...
This post was last edited by pipio, 03 Jul 2017, 11:41
... an honest insult is so much better than an insincere flattery...
 06 Jul 2017, 09:12 #227560 Reply To Post
Quote: DrGuessWho, Wednesday, 5 Jul 2017 18:21

Anyway, keep digging, I am enjoying myself.

So am I.
You shd have bn a politician, Wriggers, with yr penchant for wriggling away from the ?
(Thinking abt it you cdnt be much wosrse than teh current crop of Tory tossers.)
The ? I posed is how come somebody who boasts of being bi-lingual makes 2 mistakes in six letters in translating the name of 1 of those languages to the other.?
Zuckerberg Shmuckerberg, Starbucks Sucks
 08 Jul 2017, 09:51 #227598 Reply To Post
Quote: DrGuessWho, Friday, 7 Jul 2017 21:50

A missing accent? Get real. Please.

Great coming from he who picked someone up for using a point instead of a comma earlier in this thread.
In yr case it was one of 2 mistakes that helped turn 6 letters into another word.
Judging by the contents of this latest puerile spouting, yr anal fixation appears to be expanding.
My condolences to the poor psychologist/iatrist who has to treat you.

This post was last edited by notleyab, 08 Jul 2017, 10:02
Zuckerberg Shmuckerberg, Starbucks Sucks
 09 Jul 2017, 08:40 #227602 Reply To Post
Quote: DrGuessWho, Saturday, 8 Jul 2017 21:43

Uhmmm... this site is supposed to be p2p review, so one will always correct a full stop that should be a comma. It's not as if I was saying he is illiterate, now is it?

As you so boringly accuse others of so often, you do like to keep digging tt hole..
By the same token of this being a p2p review' site, I pojnted out 2 mistakes you made ....
If u are as bi-lingual as you claim u are, it's sloppy.
The full point you highlighted was merely in a tagline on an MB thread - yrs were in a piece you are presenting for review.
BTW, just looked; I see you still haven't corrected the other mistake, the upper case I in inglés.
Zuckerberg Shmuckerberg, Starbucks Sucks
 10 Jul 2017, 07:54 #227608 Reply To Post
I'll leave the last word to Spain's biggest selling paper/website..

"El paciente inglés' nos recuerda la crueldad y violencia del amor", dice Anthony Minghella......

Or shd it be anthony minghella according to you?.
Zuckerberg Shmuckerberg, Starbucks Sucks
 10 Jul 2017, 12:01 #227613 Reply To Post
Quote: DrGuessWho, Sunday, 9 Jul 2017 12:23

No, I'm waiting, leaning on my spade.

For you to dig your own hole and jump into it.

Which you just have.

So now I will fill the hole in.

You say there are two mistakes in Ingles. You have said this repeatedly. At least four times in this thread.

There is only one mistake, the lack of accent on the e.

The word is correctly capitalised...


As in: El Paciente Ingles. The English Patient.

In the context in which it is used as a name or a title, or both, take your pick.

Therefore, it refers to a subject.

Therefore, Ingles takes a capital I, just as Paciente takes a capital P.

End of.

Dead and buried.

Like I said, trying to be clever doesn't become you.

Just accept you are a dumb wanker and you will be fine with me.

Talking abt dumb wankers.
I just checked yr extract again, which I thought you'd probably changed to fit yr argument. But it's still thr & reads:

She thought about Richard Wyatt, and decided she might as well call him ‘el paciente Inglés’, the English patient.

So you didn't follow the rule you spout above abt all 3 letters being capped to correspond to a name or title?
I repeat. As this extract is written the English version is OK. But in Sp it shd read inglés.

Zuckerberg Shmuckerberg, Starbucks Sucks
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