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Ello Again
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 21 Nov 2017, 15:48 #235622 Reply To Post
Hello folks.

Former engaged-member here, been away a looooong while. Back now. Can't wait to start reading and reviewing again. Is the group still active?


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 04 Dec 2017, 13:11 #236012 Reply To Post
Hey, a blast from the past.
Likewise, just looking in & saw yr name.
And, as u can c, the place is swamped in spam.
Good to see you again, falco.
Zuckerberg Shmuckerberg, Starbucks Sucks
 19 Dec 2017, 11:24 #236046 Reply To Post
HAHA must be the time of year. Not looked in for over a year. It seems a little dead. If the front page hasn’t changed in the time it takes to write a couple of novels I guess it isn’t too awake.
It feels a little like wandering around a deserted city. I got a lot of writing support and a few good chats back in the old days. Last time I looked in the forum was overrun by overactive egos.
Ancient history was that Ted had personal problems he was sorting and rightly paid attention to those.
Sadly, I suspect the site is finished. It helped me a lot, and I suspect still could. Have a good Christmas, if we don’t meet up again.
Amara's Daughter: High fantasy on speed
 19 Dec 2017, 12:58 #236047 Reply To Post
I look in most days and I think activity on the site is the lowest I’ve seen. Not quite dead though, and January usually brings in a few new members so you never know it could revive. I for one hope it does.
Best wishes to all. Stuart.
 03 Feb 2018, 08:20 #237238 Reply To Post
I've been completing reviews and getting a few back in exchange. I think the alternating competition vs development phases have taken away from the site but it's still operatring and members are getting professional reviews for a proportion of the new Best Seller entries for competition months. There has been some serious trouble with spam, though this seems improved of late.

I've created a Facebook page called You Read On which lists only self-published and industry-published stories that were completed with help of the YWO writers community. It's getting 3 or 400 visitors a week at present and this represents growth over its initial 3 months. I'm hoping it will become a force for YWO and YWO writers, on the assumption the more members the more likely further support through grants or gifts from the various sources the site may apply to, which in turn may help resource the YWO admin team to keep on top of problems. Please make use of it. Comments, requests for links to other Facebook pages and websites are welcome.
Let's make 2018 a year that members push for recognition of YWO writers by readers across genre.
 19 Feb 2018, 11:50 #237279 Reply To Post
I've been reviewing but haven't had a review back for a good four weeks.
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