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Disappearing stories
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 07 Sep 2016, 09:55 #199047 Reply To Post
Here's another little conundrum I don't understand. The automatic Top Ten update sometimes causes one of my Top 20 entries to disappear completely. It has happened twice recently to two different stories. Then, one or two updates later, the story reappears.

Secondly, and I'm not complaining about this one, a story suddenly reappears in the Top Ten without me having done anything. And another story that is in the Top Ten suddenly has 2 low reviews (fair enough) but maintains its Top Ten position despite its rating dropping noticeably.

Every time I think I've cracked this system, something else weird happens.

Any answers, anybody?
 08 Sep 2016, 07:01 #199056 Reply To Post
As far as stories disppearing altogether, I think I know the answer to that 1.
It happened to me recently & it seems to be cos you haven't added any credits for a long while, even tho you may still hv some in the kitty..
Exactly how long tt while is I don-t know.
But I added a new one - & voila, the story reappeared the next day.
Zuckerberg Shmuckerberg, Starbucks Sucks
 09 Sep 2016, 12:45 #199077 Reply To Post
Hi there,

You were dead right. Mind you, the rules say that as long as you've added a reading credit within the last month, your story would stay in the top 30. I'm sure it hadn't been that long but whose to say that rule is up to date. Hey ho.

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