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Chart Note: Book chapters which are very similarly rated will be ranked equally in positions 11 to 70. This is to recognise the comparative quality of books and help to highlight more authors' books in the Top 70.

To qualify for the Top Ten, book chapters must have a reading credit attached when the nightly ratings take place, a minimum of 7 reviews, and be the chapters of a novel or a short story. To qualify for positions 11+ in the charts a story must have a minimum of four reviews.

The Country of The Heart
by Embe Byron Historical, Literary Fiction, Novel 27 Feb 2018
A British Army chaplain in WW2 ends his war in a displacement camp in southeast Austria where he meets a Hungarian refugee of German extraction. Pushed together, they fall into a tense, mistrustful relationship. News from the girl’s past sends them on a perilous journey back into Russian-held territory.

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Liberty and Other Illusions
by Christopher Gall Historical, General Fiction 16 May 2018
Two young men leave their respective countries as colonial rule comes to its violent end. One written off from the moment of his birth into poverty in Ireland; the other from India and blessed with guidance and luck. Two families on two very different paths, yet destined to cross.

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The Latent Seed
by michael trifourkis Historical, Science Fiction 26 Mar 2018
A young man who suffers from hallucinations, discovers he is the only descendant of an ancient alien who can thwart the coming of Chaos.

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by Seamus Glas Historical, Saga, Thriller 04 Dec 2014
Glasgo-Big Geordy and Angel are out for some piss and vim, least that's what they said to pee and em; That may lead then into something they never bargain for; The world of informers is just around the corner, and knee capping can hurt.

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Shine On
by Simon Totten Fantasy, Thriller 08 Feb 2018
Stabbed in a remote hilltribe village in Thailand, Jake Hunter lies fighting for his life. Just when he needs his spirit most, it gives up and leaves. But when a shaman’s soul call returns it, what appeared to be a tragic end turns out to be a wonderful new beginning.

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A Bolder Tartan, rule.
by Seamus Glas Historical, Novel, Thriller 05 Nov 2014
Many were displaced by Irish conflicts; Derna Travillian is such one. She doesn't know, how utterly changed from the person she once was; until she traces her mother; of all people, father is not the one she thought. Shocked, when that blood she carries in her veins is from such.

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Kelty Chronicles
by Suzanne Myers Comedy, Mystery, Novel 07 Apr 2018
Are they a Viking Re-enactment Group or are they a bunch of Scandinavian villains come to rob this tiny community on the Scottish West Coast? This is the question the Kelty Museum is asking when their treasured Neolithic Beaker Pot suddenly disappears.

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Truth or Dare
by Juliet Hill Short Story, Teenage Fiction, General Fiction 15 Jan 2018
A group of teenagers find event spiraling out of control when they agree to a reckless challenge.

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Feeding the Borfimah - revised
by Will Miller Action 31 Mar 2018
Learning that her mother had been found dead on a rubbish heap outside Bangkok, Rachel wants revenge. Nouhou is a Liberian child soldier who lost his legs after an assault on Monrovia. Rachel and Nouhou are doomed, until they find each other.

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The Green Man
by Simon Totten Children's Fiction 09 Jul 2017
Alex Bowman isn't sure what to make of the man sleeping rough in his Grandad’s allotment shed. Is he a homeless tramp? A wino? A mouse-munching bird freak? A filthy flasher? A burglar? A magician? By the time he discovers the truth, his life and the world will never be the same again.

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Fragments of a selfish mind
by R Ciobanu General Fiction 19 May 2011
REM isolates himself on an island thinking that would find happiness. He brings with him things he thought he cannot escape from: memories; after a constant battle with his own mind, Rem defeats his fears and decides to turn back home. On his way back he loses his memory.

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by Simon Totten Short Story, Science Fiction 26 Jun 2017
‘Nostradamus nightmares’ is a collection of dark prophecies, set in 2039. Rebecca Van Outhwaite couldn’t be happier with husband Rock. At ‘Utopia,’ their honeymoon hotel in outer space, life’s possibilities are as endless as the stars in the galaxy and all her dreams have finally come true or have they?

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AD 2045 - episode three: Partner - Monster Rising
by Sam Cooke Action, Saga, Science Fiction 11 Feb 2018
AD 2045, episode three. Flagship of the British navy, HMS Victory, is powering towards the Indian Ocean and certain doom. Julia, on a quest with MI5 to uncover the secrets of global giant Partner - is marked for death.

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Escaping Revenge - Chapter 1
by David Norwood Crime, Mystery, Thriller 11 May 2018
Sam, a passionate psychologist, meets with an inmate who will potentially be diverted to a psychiatric institution upon parole. Later he attends a meeting at a half-way house after his custody hearing of his young son, Nick. He ends up at a bar contemplating where life will lead to next.

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by T.Church Short Story, General Fiction 29 Oct 2017
A retired researcher's attempt to promote his work..

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