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Chart Note: Book chapters which are very similarly rated will be ranked equally in positions 11 to 70. This is to recognise the comparative quality of books and help to highlight more authors' books in the Top 70.

To qualify for the Top Ten, book chapters must have a reading credit attached when the nightly ratings take place, a minimum of 7 reviews, and be the chapters of a novel or a short story. To qualify for positions 11+ in the charts a story must have a minimum of four reviews.

The Saints of Moriah
by T.J. Spears Adventure, Comedy, General Fiction 27 May 2019
It is 1875. Stanton, Nevada, is just coming out of recession and Nat Hopper, Skully Bone and Warren Meevers are keeping the peace in their own unique manner. However The Saints of Moriah are moving into the county with their dire prophecies of Armageddon.

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Inca Poison (updated)
by Kevin Chilvers Action, Mystery, Thriller, General Fiction 21 May 2019
Ex-military detective, Simon (Hawk) Hawkins, strives to rescue a kidnapped boy but his investigation turns sour when he uncovers a Colombian drug cartel’s desperate plan to release an Inca poison to break a blockade on their smuggling routes. With cartel assassins on his heels, he must find the boy and stop the cartel before thousands die.

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Puss in Boots and the Magic Rabbits (A childrens story for Mum's and Dad's)
by justin Kennaugh Short Story, Children's Fiction, Comedy 23 Jul 2019
A children's story for Mums and Dads. As everybody knows, Monday is washing day. Puss very much wants to try out her new washing machine, but its raining hard. With no way to dry her clothes, she can't do her washing. There is only one way to make it stop raining - magic and the only people who can use magic - Magic Rabbits.

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End of Life
by Glen Batchelor Action, Adventure, Thriller 02 Jan 2019
He's dying but he's not going out alone

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Postcards - 2018 tweak
by George Adams Chicklit, Comedy, Mystery, Novel, Romance, Science Fiction 07 Oct 2018
Constrained Adam Peters, widower at 26, thinks he knew his wife, her family, their friends, his world, himself. Then Postcard Julie visits. His world collapses. He comes alive. (A mixed-genre story in mostly short, 'postcard-like' chapters.)

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'The Elephant Warriors' Part 1 'Small Branches'
by Sarah Francis Adventure, Teenage Fiction 01 Jun 2019
Trouble is stirring in the household of Aisha (9) and Kade (14) two Samburu children. Their father, Baba, loathes elephants. Time and again they have destroyed his well. Harassed by crop raiding elephants, the villagers too are desperate, prepared to kill for their land rights. Can Kade and Aisha prove that man and beast can live side by side?

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Home To Roost
by Ian Dovaston Comedy, Novel 04 Aug 2019
Horrified by the vileness of political discourse, and people in general, a plot is hatched by a precocious and well-connected turkey, Mr Snood, to teach humankind a lesson. The birds' chaotically comical flight-path to power provides a lesson in togetherness. But once power is achieved, what will happen next?

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Holly and Rebekah Nov 2018 revision
by George Adams Chicklit, Crime, Romance, Science Fiction 08 Nov 2018
The world now knows of the alien tweaking of the Daniels family for enhanced mental abilities, accelerated physical maturation, longevity and enhanced libido. Reticent Rebekah meets her older, outgoing cousin, Holly. Almost aliens in the human world, they discover their unique telepathic connection just before Holly is kidnapped and taken to sea.

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The Dracon Flies
by William Baxter Literary Fiction, Novel 25 May 2019
The House of Solbern is in disarray. The heir presumptive, considered by many to be weak, is wanting to gain part-ownership of a small island. His daughter, however, has far more ambitious plans. The third in the Dark Vale series.

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by R.G Morgan Crime, Mystery, Thriller 09 Jul 2019
When Diane Westwood discovers the body of neighbour and high-class prostitute, Tina McBride, she worries that she knows who wanted her dead. Now, Westwood is looking into McBride's past in order to find her killer, before they find her.

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Do or Die Spirit
by Simon Totten Fantasy, Thriller 28 Feb 2019
Backpacker Hilton Mars lies stabbed in a remote hilltribe village in Northern Thailand. Losing blood rapidly, death approaches. In an out of body experience, his spirit leaves his body. If he is to return to him and save his life, he must conquer the formidable ‘Unholy Trinity of the Dead.’

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The Sky Sage
by Obinna Ofor and William Moore Adventure, Novel, Saga, Fantasy 16 Jun 2019
In the process of Zoowee earning the title of Rover, he is visited by powerful spirits, and his encounter with the deities leave him with supernatural abilities, making him one of four powerful Sages. Zoowee and the other sages are now called upon to keep the world from falling apart, only this time, their interests are not all aligned.

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Life Sentence
by Giulio Arona Short Story, Science Fiction 06 Aug 2019
A man is serving a life sentence in solitude on an asteroid mining platform. His only company as he wastes his years away drilling into asteroids for resources is an A.I. that helps keep the platform functioning. One day, the A.I. suggests they should attempt a prison break.

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by Alcina Amara Action, Gay/Lesbian Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Novel 01 Mar 2019
On her eighteenth birthday, Roxana is taken by her uncle to an isolated mansion to live and study. She notices that all the young woman in there are exceptionally beautiful, she soon discovers something mysterous is going on in the mansion something sinister.

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Secondary Battles
by Gary Riddell Literary Fiction, Novel, Thriller, General Fiction 02 May 2019
Two ex-soldiers are pulled to opposite political extremes by an impending court case linked to their actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. They become involved with two very different women and their friendship, as well as their commitment, will be tested by threats to their lives and country

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