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Chart Note: Book chapters which are very similarly rated will be ranked equally in positions 11 to 70. This is to recognise the comparative quality of books and help to highlight more authors' books in the Top 70.

To qualify for the Top Ten, book chapters must have a reading credit attached when the nightly ratings take place, a minimum of 7 reviews, and be the chapters of a novel or a short story. To qualify for positions 11+ in the charts a story must have a minimum of four reviews.

The Referendum will be televised
by Shane Gladstone Short Story, General Fiction 01 Jan 2020
On the night of the EU referendum in 2016, a sixty-something woman reflects on how much life has changed since the early 1970s when she met and fell in love with her husband

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The Laws of Education Chapter 2
by Chris Naylor Literary Fiction, Novel 25 Feb 2020
What is the Value of a University Education? That’s what Julie Cotterill would like to find out. But, as she goes in search of her dream, she finds that the only dreams the University of Melton aspires to involve money - in a Sixties satire that is even more relevant today.

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by Kevin Chilvers Action, Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Novel, Thriller, General Fiction 11 Nov 2019
A drug cartel plans to use an Inca Poison to break a blockade on their smuggling routes. When trouble-shooter, Tom Marshall’s mission to find a runaway boy in Rio de Janeiro reveals the plan, he’s pitched into a deadly battle with desperate killers. The only way to save thousands of lives is find an antidote in an Incan city lost for 500-years.

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The Corracle
by C Yermekbayeva Literary Fiction, General Fiction 28 Feb 2020
Alma lives a sheltered life in a place where all stories are out of bounds and nobody questions anything. Then one day a chance discovery drives her outside, into a world she never knew existed. Can she ever get back? And after what she learns, does she even want to?

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Distant Lands
by Jay L Gee General Fiction 23 Feb 2020
It´s not easy being a teenage spy in a magical, broken down, hostile, abandoned wonderland.

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The coming darkness 3
by David Lawton Action, Adventure, Historical, Novel, Romance 24 Jan 2020
Fifth Century AD. A story of love and friendship, betrayal and murder set against a backdrop of racial antipathy within a crumbling Roman Empire.

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The Mechanical Tourist Ch2
by Andrew Starling Action, Novel, General Fiction 09 Dec 2019
Four travellers cross from Uganda into the Congo, intending to find bonobo apes. Later, the story goes on to juxtapose Artificial Intelligence and darkest Africa.

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Black Holes Extra Version.
by Billy Bodman Science Fiction 29 Mar 2019
Scott is comatose, but out-of-body as speed-of-light, photon-driven thought, with access to the Quantum Universe enabling him to Time-travel. A dead Scientist, whose brain has been cryonically-frozen, has similar abilities. He wants to go back in time to prevent Jesus attaining Divinity. Can Scott stop him.

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Do or Die Spirit
by Simon Totten Fantasy, Thriller 23 Sep 2019
Backpacker Hilton Mars lies stabbed in a remote hilltribe village in Northern Thailand. Losing blood rapidly, death approaches and his spirit leaves. Ensnared in limbo, at the mercy of each trick of the light and the terrifying ‘Unholy Trinity of the Dead’, it must return to him at all costs.

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To Be Human
by Zachary Wolff Short Story, Crime, Science Fiction 19 Feb 2020
Years after a war between humans and machines, an interrogator tries to determine if a suspect is human or machine.

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Emily, Emily, Emily
by Tom Spencer Literary Fiction 30 Dec 2019
Very much a work in progress – and probably difficult to skim-read! This the fifth chapter in a novel; one of the characters referenced (Emily), is the narrator of the first chapter where some of the scenes remembered in this chapter take place in real-time. Very appreciative of all specific feedback. Many thanks in advance ??

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Just Desserts and a Spot of Karma
by Valentina Rosa Women's Fiction 17 Jan 2020
Tale of revenge turned romance and ridiculousness

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Two Faces of Evil
by Rod McKeough Crime, Mystery, Thriller 28 Jan 2020
After the murder of her sister, Sherie Hagen, annoyed at the slow progress of the police investigation, decides to find the killer, herself. Along the way she encounters many dangers and falls in love.This is a crime drama with a difference as it gives an insight into the behavior, and motives of a serial killer as seen through his eyes.

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