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Chart Note: Book chapters which are very similarly rated will be ranked equally in positions 11 to 70. This is to recognise the comparative quality of books and help to highlight more authors' books in the Top 70.

To qualify for the Top Ten, book chapters must have a reading credit attached when the nightly ratings take place, a minimum of 7 reviews, and be the chapters of a novel or a short story. To qualify for positions 11+ in the charts a story must have a minimum of four reviews.

Mireya and the Moon Pearl
by Chloe Mesanges Children's Fiction, Fantasy 13 Oct 2019
Lines blur between real and imagined when a girl uncovers a plot to bring storybook characters to life. Middle Grade fiction.

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Karen and the Chameleon
by judy dercksen Historical, Literary Fiction, Novel 07 Nov 2019
In the midst of a civil uprising in South Africa, Karen's twin brother falls in love with her best friend. An interracial love affair in the last decade of apartheid is the least of their problems. Karen faces a choice that could jeopardize their freedom and her future as a surgeon. *Zulu Legend - The Chameleon is seen as Harbinger of Death

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A Rainbow over you
by Dan Stone Short Story, Comedy, Crime, Literary Fiction, Thriller, General Fiction 18 Aug 2019
A lead character from a series of bestselling crime novels has his say on his author and the future that seems to have been planned for him.

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Peeping behind the faded curtain
by David Ing Short Story, Comedy 16 Jun 2018
This is roughly half a chapter - on Uzbekistan -of a light-hearted collection of travelogues to different countries called Global Wandering. It's NOT a novel, so don't seek a plot, & while I hope it's humorous I clicked comedy only because it's the closest. This is travel pre-IT gadgets, and the narrator (me) will be explained in a foreword.

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Somewhere Beyond Right and Wrong
by Lexi Revellian Novel, Science Fiction, General Fiction 22 Dec 2019
Cade is an Outer, struggling to make ends meet. Xavier works as an enforcer for the elite Inner City. One day their paths cross...

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Our hidden fate
by Colin Davy Mystery, Romance 05 Aug 2019
When Steve meets an old friend from school he little imagines, he'd end up embroiled in a murder. Three females cousins with their own problems highlight his own, and no one will be the same afterwards.

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Black Holes Extra Version.
by Billy Bodman Science Fiction 29 Mar 2019
Scott is comatose, but out-of-body as speed-of-light, photon-driven thought, with access to the Quantum Universe enabling him to Time-travel. A dead Scientist, whose brain has been cryonically-frozen, has similar abilities. He wants to go back in time to prevent Jesus attaining Divinity. Can Scott stop him.

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The coming darkness2
by David Lawton Action, Adventure, Historical, Romance 18 Sep 2019
Fifth Century AD. A story of love and friendship, divided loyalties, betrayal and murder. Set against a backdrop of racial antipathy in a dying Empire.

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by ann axisa Short Story, Crime, Mystery, General Fiction 25 Aug 2018
A man finds more than what he expected when he breaks into a house

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by Tally Teenage Fiction 20 Oct 2019
After ‘Finding Nemo’ now comes a romantic tale concerning the lives of two goldfish lovers called Arj and Utir. Utir, the female goldfish ends up having an arranged marriage with the son of a very rich goldfish. A story of heartbreak and possible reunion that could potentially be turned into an animation film.

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Harmony Restored
by N. Vatel Literary Fiction 21 May 2019
Harmony Hill was adopted by what looked to be the perfect family however the perfect family has secrets. Their secrets changed the course of her life. She is now on a journey of self discovery, friendship and love.

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The Wicked Witch of Wagga Wagga
by Anne O'Grady Children's Fiction 08 Dec 2019
When the WITCH made by children at the Primary School visits spells are unpredictable, washing hangs up, ELVIS PARSLEY must kiss a frog. Mrs Robottom the Principal hopes to save the EXTREMELY RARE WAGGA WAGGA BUSH EAGLE but her cat GOLDILOCKS roams. The WITCH is imprisoned, escapes, saves the ERWWBE wins her freedom. Goldilocks loses hers!

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The Seer
by Simon Totten Thriller 28 Feb 2019
Hunter Moon’s sister Layla is missing, presumed dead in Bangkok. While edging closer and closer to finding her in Thailand’s seedy underworld, a series of disturbing psychotic hallucinations drive him to the brink of suicide and a harrowing secret buried in his dark and distant past, that will change his life forever.

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The Artist Has Landed
by Russell Telfer Crime, Novel, General Fiction 10 Oct 2015
Joanna has arrived in London for The Opening. She intends to take the world by storm as a major artist. And she needs to find herself a boyfriend.

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by Helen Johnson Historical, Teenage Fiction 10 Dec 2019
An 11th century blacksmith's daughter yearns to learn the secret of crafting the Ulfberht sword. But when William the Conqueror unleashes his 'final solution', she learns the terrible power of blades. She and her little sister flee, but how can they survive, alone in a winter wilderness?

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