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Chart Note: Book chapters which are very similarly rated will be ranked equally in positions 11 to 70. This is to recognise the comparative quality of books and help to highlight more authors' books in the Top 70.

To qualify for the Top Ten, book chapters must have a reading credit attached when the nightly ratings take place, a minimum of 7 reviews, and be the chapters of a novel or a short story. To qualify for positions 11+ in the charts a story must have a minimum of four reviews.

Lobster on the side
by Tom Spencer Literary Fiction 30 Oct 2018
Two colleagues meet a client for a make-or-break lunch. Things are not quite as they expected... (Specific thoughts and feedback are all gratefully received. Particularly interested in thoughts on how to expand/develop the end of the story!)

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End of Life
by Glen Batchelor Action, Adventure, Thriller 02 Jan 2019
He's dying but he's not going out alone

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The Game in Sector 218
by A H Fry Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction 06 Apr 2018
FREE ON KINDLE 9 - 12 MARCH. 140 years hence, humanity is governed by a network of Artificial Intelligence. One socially naive man, on an isolated planet where male and female communities live separately (but have sex robot companions), goes off-world to learn about fatherhood and real women and finds out a lot more about humanity and intimacy.

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by BRENT SMITH Historical 10 Jan 2018
Count Francesco Cenci meets an unfortunate death in September 1598. He is buried in haste; rumours soon start to fly. They soon reach the ear of the Pope, who wants to know more.

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The Green Man
by Simon Totten Children's Fiction 12 Nov 2018
When ‘billy no mates, no hoper’ Alex Bowman discovers a mysterious old tramp who eats mice, belches butterflies, talks to birds and sows the seeds of ‘green ideas in children’s minds is sleeping rough in his Grandad’s allotment shed, his life and the world will never be the same again.

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Things Get Broken (a short story)
by Tom Tuohy Short Story, Literary Fiction 08 Jan 2019
When an American expat in Thailand gets the news that his Thai wife has given a chunk of their life savings away to man she says she once knew in her past life, their lives change forever.

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Los Corales
by Manuela Davidovic Mystery, Novel, General Fiction 07 Nov 2018
What is going on at the hotel 'Los Corales' in Punta Cana? Who is in reality Fabrizio, Giovanni's business partner? Why can't Giovanni – one of the co-owners - sell his share? What is Elisa's strange illness caused by? Only Pablo, the hotel gardener, knows the answers to these questions.

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The devil's reflection
by Colin Davy Horror, Mystery 23 Jan 2019
A mystery woman hitches a ride on a motorway and the driver is suspicious. She calls him later and he's dragged into a mysterious liaison that ends in death and intrigue.

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Spoiled for Choice
by Hazel Munns Short Story, Literary Fiction 23 Oct 2018
Love, hate, regret, vengeance-happy ending? Never. This a short story one of 14 to choose from.

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One Mouth- Two Bold Tongues
by Seamus GLas Short Story, Historical, Mystery, Novel, Thriller 02 Sep 2017
From security clutches in co.Down, Mary Mauv cannot avoid signs from nearby Strangford. A tongue within screams to her to ride-out the last contract for a Republican figure. But her own is steering her to revisit with the enemy, her real father. As elusive as ever, or is he?

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The Tybourne Legacy
by Jessica Gatrell Historical, Romance, Saga 02 Feb 2006
The search for a bride become a story of entangled rivalries and bitter confrontations in a saga crossing two generations. Who will inherit The Tybourne Legacy?

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by John Donoghue Short Story, Literary Fiction, General Fiction 19 May 2009
Molly spends her summer holidays with her mother's family in Connemara. There is to be a great story-telling contest, but how can her Uncle Tommy win it if he won't even enter?

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