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The Appointment (Version 2.5)
by Andrew Wrigley Short Story, General Fiction 18 Jan 2014
A Christmas Horror Story

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Tanwen: The Chieftain's Daughter
by Natalie Durrant Historical, Fantasy, Teenage Fiction 07 Aug 2017
‘Tanwen' is set in the Dark Ages and follows the journey of Tanwen who has inherited her mother’s Sight. The teenager must learn how to balance the obligations of being the chieftain’s daughter with her Sight and, when disaster strikes, just how far she will go to seek revenge.

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Unless a Grain of Wheat Should Fall
by Sean Gibbin Literary Fiction, Novel, General Fiction 16 Aug 2017
Abandoned by his Ma, Hank Fallon is raised by Rita, a roguish old lady propped up by a fake leg and her devotion to Jesus. But when Hank is saved from a terrible crime by a troubled and reckless kid called Mac Bryant, a pact is formed that cannot be undone

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2: Tsunami - Atlantic Storm
by Sam Cooke Action, Saga, Science Fiction 15 Jul 2017
Sequel to 1:Nuclear 2045: In hospital after shooting militants, Julia is marked for assassination. Hinkley Point nuclear station is in flames - Prime Minister racing to a COBRA meeting. HMS Victory is on hard intercept to sink a cruise liner. Onboard, Julia's best friend is facing death for the second time. MI5 need her help and she needs theirs..

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The Honest Burglar
by Andrew Wrigley Short Story, Comedy 17 Jan 2017
A story within a story about writing stories

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Do The Right Thing
by Trevor Short Story, General Fiction 10 Feb 2011
When Rheon decides to go against his parents wishes and go climbing, he could never have known the consequences of his actions on the lives of those he loves.

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Ghost Academy.
by Sabine Muir Adventure, Children's Fiction, Novel, Fantasy 24 Mar 2017
During the summer holidays Ellie gets a Facebook friend request from a mysterious girl called Harriet, who she later discovers has been dead for a month. The next day she comes face to face with her and more deceased people, at the school where her father works as a janitor.

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The Lost Prince
by Dermot McCabe Historical, Novel, Saga, Fantasy 26 Feb 2015
Second in the Dredgemarsh Series. A great tragedy befalls Cesare Greyfell and his Queen Lucretia. It triggers a disastrous sequence of events involving a traitorous menial who takes advantage of the turmoil in the royal household and brings Dredgemarsh to the brink of ruin.

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