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The latest New Entries this month
Operation Fruit-Bat
by Tony Irvin Comedy, Literary Fiction, Thriller 20 Dec 2017
A tongue-in-cheek spy thriller in which the murder of a prominent member of the English aristocracy threatens to jeopardise a top-secret government enterprise involving Britain and Kenya. Responsibility for rescuing the operation falls to the hapless Archie Bracegirdle and his more astute Kenyan colleague, Mwangi.

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The Exhibit
by Mark Keane Short Story, Comedy, General Fiction 18 Jul 2018
Larry is a guard in an art gallery. One day, he decides he is an exhibit. He meets opposition from his co-workers but is championed by the gallery director. His performance achieves unprecedented success and he becomes a worldwide sensation. However, Larry is unpredictable.

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Kelty Chronicles
by Suzanne Myers Comedy, Mystery, Novel 07 Apr 2018
Are they a Viking Re-enactment Group or are they a bunch of Scandinavian villains come to rob this tiny community on the Scottish West Coast? This is the question the Kelty Museum is asking when their treasured Neolithic Beaker Pot suddenly disappears.

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A Tragedy beyond my Comprehension
by T.J.Spears Historical, Literary Fiction 25 Sep 2017
Nat Hopper is the new and reluctant town marshal of the small town of Stanton, Nevada. The year the incident described takes place is 1872 though he is writing about it nearly forty years later. Eva is the owner of the town newspaper, The Stanton Echo, and is his lover.In this chapter Hopper is faced with a tragedy beyond his comprehension.

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Hook, Line and Sinker
by I.J. Noble Short Story, Crime, General Fiction 05 Apr 2018
Cops and robbers. Fishery police (with the help of a wily old fox) get their man. However, it's not an open and shut case. One of seven short stories in "Cocktail" book 3.

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by Tally Literary Fiction, Novel 26 Dec 2017
What turns Kazim Khan into a jihadi participating in an attack on a guest house in Kabul? Not long ago he was working for an aid organization in Kandahar, where the love of his life Zeenat worked with him. Kazim does not wish to murder innocents but is seeking specific revenge against an individual.

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by Seamus Glas Historical, Saga, Thriller 04 Dec 2014
Glasgo-Big Geordy and Angel are out for some piss and vim, least that's what they said to pee and em; That may lead then into something they never bargain for; The world of informers is just around the corner, and knee capping can hurt.

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by George Rufus Short Story, Teenage Fiction, General Fiction 27 Aug 2017
Parenting can be difficult for some.

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