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The Tide Has Turned by Maggie George

© Maggie George

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Chapter Seven.

' The voice of British youth has been heard loud and clear, in what appears to be a shocking expose of worldwide animal revolution. A group of young people from London have asked, on behalf of their animal friends for a balance in respect to be re addressed. A YouTube address, plus other social media resources have been utilised to spread the word, by these enterprising, caring and concerned young people. There is however a split in response to their concerns. Red faced experts and government officials are questioning the reliability of their facts, while the general public seem to be backing them all the way. We will keep viewers up to date on further developments. Moving onto the sport and weather...."
" Crikey, is that you and your mates,love?"
" Yep and you should see the support we're getting mum, we need to keep up the pressure though. Those with the real power don't want to play ball, they are out to run a smudge campaign."
" Do you mean a smear campaign?"
" Smudge, smear, only words mum, not important, it's words not action that really counts!"
" Absolutely, and even action not words works too. I am really proud of you Cams, tell me if you need me to be involved at any stage."
" Well the troops will need feeding mum, so anything on the food and drink front would go down a drain."
" Or a treat?"
" Yeah treats too, any treats, much appreciated. It'll help keep up our energy, maintaining our food chain, like the animals.Talking about troops that's them, can we use this room to meet, it's bigger than my bedroom."
" Sure, I'll pop down the shop and scavenge for supplies, well done love, I think it is brilliant and who said today's youth don't care!"
Donald stormed passed Cameron, followed by the revolution posse, bringing devastating news. It was obvious some stories coming in were fraudulent and throwing their public support and credibility by blemishing the real ones with doubt. The whole group speculated that there was definite adult interference from certain quarters but they didn't know how to deal with it. Fifty minutes later, after substantial cheesy snacks washed down with Cameron's favourite but sadly sugar free fizzy, his mums stipulation in the campaign, they came to a decision. Name and shame. Discredit the ridiculous stories themselves, hype up the true ones and tell as many people as they could that their ideas were being tampered with.
" That way we can get more of the press involved and get more publicity. If we behave badly we get grounded, punished, told off, let's use the same tactic. Make the big boys look bad for picking on us when we're only kids trying to do what's right. Kids and animals come on, what kind of bad boys can win against us, eh?" Cameron said bravely.
" It's going to take hours to go through it all, so let's make a start, only highlight those we know are totally bogus and double check with any contacts we have established in that area. Yep, bet this is only the beginning. Wonder what they'll do next?" Donald mused.

Chapter Eight.

" So let's get this right Ed. The whole world has some how got to co ordinate a complete stop to all destruction of habitats and exploitation of animals. That's their suggestion."
" I think it is more of a demand sir. In their words, no excuses acceptable because it is a planet that has to be shared fairly between people and animals."
" I blame the education minister for this, since when did we give valuable curriculum time to this? No wonder core curriculum subjects are suffering. We are still ranking lower than most countries in Europe aren't we? Why aren't these kids putting more effort into their homework than spending time gabbling on about animal conspiracy theories? Send the education minister a memo to get their school inspected, check up on radicalising that might be going on? All very strange. I thought I told you last week to get some hold over this, now it's all over the press that they're being bloody sabotaged.They've even been praised by that Sir David whatshisname, who does the wildlife programmes, my wife likes."
" Do you want to meet with them sir? Giving them an audience might pacify the situation, they really may have a point?"
" Ed, really, do you honestly think that there is an animal revolution going on! No I don't want to make their quite frankly laughable demands any higher in anyone else's mind. I'd like them to shut up. Apply some pressure elsewhere, look at the families, any dirt? Undesirables? By the way, make this go away, or you can always be reshuffled elsewhere.Now I have to go and think about really important issues like raising more bloody awareness for the benefits of fracking, not preserving hedgerows!"
The post that arrived at Cameron's flat, five days later, brought nothing but despair. One neat brown official looking envelope, that at worst was anticipated to be an unexpected bill, carried was far worse news. A formal document ordering them to leave their council flat, with only two months notice. This was massive, it affected their stability, Cameron's schooling and Becky's job. She would never get another flat in a decent area like this again. She felt safe here and it had taken so long for her and Cameron to get secure accommodation. A young single mother, with no other family support, their humble home was everything to them. Cameron was in a decent school in the area, that achieved decent results and still with most of his mates since primary school. Cameron had never seen his mum in such as a state, after she got the letter. They both had friends but no other family, so were very close. Cameron took his responsibilities seriously. He was the man of the house, he looked out for his mum and he protected her best he could. This letter had her so worried, he had to help sort it out. With no one to really turn to but his mates for advice, he spoke to Akash whose dad was a local counsellor. He photocopied the letter and asked Akash to speak to his dad about what he could do. Cameron's ultimate plan was to get a job when he left school and buy his mum a place. She worked hard, did her best for him and he wanted to pay her back. He couldn't bear to see her so worried.
It was two days later, when she had actually managed to speak to the local housing officer at Peckham Council services, only to be told there was no point in an appeal as it was a closed case. Apparently another family needed the ground floor flat with a disabled child and they were going to be offered a smaller flat on the tenth floor on a totally undesirable council estate miles away. Cameron could hear his mum sobbing in the bathroom, after he had gone to bed. He had to do something. The animal campaign was all about saving and preserving their threatened habitats, well right now, his was in danger. But what could he do!
While Cameron was agonising over his dilemmas, Akash's father was nursing a headache too, brought on by two unannounced visits on two consecutive days to his shop. One health and safety, the other food standards officials; both initiated by complaints instigated by the general public apparently, but with nothing specific stated.
Three days later Ashley's dad was also surprisingly inspected at his restaurant, with a lot of costly recommended changes suggested by a fire and safety officer. Cameron felt another conspiracy theory growing. Dare he mention it?
He didn't get the reaction he expected. Or from the right people!

Chapter Nine

" Cams you know you've lost the plot don't you, mate!" Ashley whined.
" Enough is enough, we have yet another detention. I liked my ' under the radar' profile, sliding through school lifestyle Cams, now it's all ' not meeting my potential' extra sessions and high bloody expectations and button my lip or else. I don't know whether I am coming or going," Akash whinged, for the twentieth time that week.
" Me too, I have now got to attend the student voice and talk about the worlds most boring topics thanks to you and my dad is making me doing extra sessions in the restaurant, to help pay for the stuff, that that inspection recommended!" Ashley joined in and Cameron felt his popularity rates hit an all time low.
But not as low, as when Maggie and Maia walked in, fuming over graffiti in the girls changing room, anonymously accusing them of being extreme weirdos, in some colourful language, the teachers wouldn't expect them to use in class.
Donald was also at the end of his tether, having been given a whole term ban from all sources of IT due to his ' acts of research and incitement'.
" Basically, they've got it in for us." Donald stated, "and we are powerless to do anything."
" Exactly, just like the animals, which is exactly why we have to continue and stand up for ourselves and them. Come on guys are we nice or men? Sorry meant mice. We can be better than them, they are using low tactics In fact lower than low, they are pushing us around and now our parents too. They are despicable." Cameron said, encouragingly.
" They are also powerful, they hold all the cards Cams! You, me, us, we can't beat them. I'm not a wildlife warrior, I am a fourteen year old who wants to play on my much neglected games consol, live the fantasy not the reality, that's my new motto. So like that stupid programme on TV, I am out!" Akash left.
The atmosphere in the room was awkward beyond awkward. The girls decided they'd better leave, closely followed by the rest, leaving Cameron with a pile of unopened snacks that he had no appetite to eat.
His mum wandered through, wondering what the noise was all about. She could sense his upset, but didn't want to leave without saying something.
" Fancy a cup of tea, love?"
" No, thanks."
" Do you want to talk about it?"
He didn't answer, so she sat down on the due of his bed, while he stared out of the window. They sat in a comfortable silence, that only two people who respected each other's thoughts and space would. The silence was finally broken by Cameron.
" I feel like a lobster caught in a lobster pot, mum, completely defenceless. The worst thing is I have dragged all my mates and you in too."
" You haven't dragged anyone along Cams, definitely not me. I'm not sure I follow you."
" Mum, it's all a big trap. We stood up for what we believed was wrong, the exploitation and disrespectful treatment of animals, only to be snared ourselves and not content on just rapping us on the knuckles, they're now targeting our parents too."
" Now I am lost, explain.."
" Don't you see the link mum. We get national attention for our animal campaign and suddenly you get the eviction notice, Akash's dad gets sudden council pressure on his business and so does Ashley's dad; they want us to shut up. There is another agenda, one we can't beat."
" So it that why all your mates just left?"
" Yep, it's all over. Yesterday's news and animals all over the world will be squeezed tighter and tighter until all they have left is, Zoos to procreate in, animal feed and no self respect."
" Cams you really care, I had no idea just how important this it to you. "
" Mum, that's what it's all about isn't it? Looking out for each other."
Becky had never felt prouder of her son and the person he was at that moment. She jumped up, gave him a hug and left the room, announcing she was going out.
As she slammed the front door, he probably didn't catch her say," It is definitely not over, not by a long shot!"

Chapter Ten.

At exactly that same time,in another part of London, Rufus walked heavy heartedly around the closed zoo. Like a mausoleum, a vast museum of rare taxidermic animals and species, nothing moved. It had been like this for two days now. Not one animal stirred except to unenthusiastically eat, drink water or relieve themselves. The animals all faced away from all spectators, bodies hunched and motionless. Not much entertainment value. Noise was at a minimum, playing non existent, native behaviour over ridden by an overnight en masse depression. The atmosphere was beyond eerie, it was also spectacularly bad for business. On the morning of the third day, with media attention and national coverage alerting the public to the distressing situation, the zoo had been closed. The authorities had been quick to create a smoke screen of a potential virus that needed quarantining in London Zoo, while another major wildlife park, suffering the same strange animal behaviours, had announced major restructuring, another park had elaborately closed because it was creating special conditions in so called prime mating time. There were hundreds of other similar stories across the world.
In the UK, all zoo and park staff were under strict instructions not to talk to the press or to pass any opinions on why the captive animal population was behaving in such an unhelpful and completely unexplained manner.
Ever since he was a young boy, Rufus's only job interest, had been to work with exotic animals. Since first visiting London Zoo when really young with whoever was his carer, at the time, he knew he had to work there. He wondered every day at the simple majesty of the larger animals, whose kingly presence humbled him and fulfilled a need for his world to have order. The brilliance of the birds plumage, the dexterity of the monkeys and gibbons, the intelligence and quiet lifestyle of others, fed every need in his soul. Animals gave a simple purpose and understanding to a life that was for him thwarted by personal fear and anxiety. He felt respect for the simplicity of their lives, it was clear cut and largely predictable. He felt sadness for their captivity yet honour at the fact he got to be so close and share their lives. He had witnessed every aspect of the animals emotional intelligence and it made far more sense than the crazy world of adults, he'd been subjected to as a kid.
Right now, he was bothered, really bothered. This was not right, none of it made sense. He was worried what the zoo authorities and experts would do. There was currently a group of so called experts, animal psychologists and vets walking around doing tests, observing and taking evidence. There was an intense pressure to re open, the zoo could not afford another day of closure, nor could it take bad press. There needed to be a solution that did not intimate animal cruelty, suffering or be seen to support the crazy animal revolution currently surging world wide across the media world.
As a mere keeper, no one had asked him his opinion. He lived and breathed these animals, he knew every personality from the lizard house where he could tap the glass in a certain manner to get the old chameleon to come closer, to the way Elvis, the largest Indian elephant liked a small place behind his ears rubbed. He knew what was up, he had watched, listened and empathised with these beasts daily for years and because he respected loved and cared for them, he was very afraid of a bad outcome for them. They were already doping creatures for blood tests, talking of culling older ones and buying in new ones. It was like a genetical cleansing would eradicate their current insurgence.
He wanted to help them, he wanted to support their cry for understanding from the arrogance and misunderstanding of the expert humans flouting their power in an unwieldy and dangerous manner.
He watched as a large group of these emotionally void adults stood outside Clive, the silver backed gorillas cage. They gathered to stare and hypothesise. Talking loudly and aggressively about him, as if he weren't there, they spoke over each other, crudely competitive about their knowledge and juggling their power over his future. Clive was an older dominant male, Rufus felt his position was tenuous. The huge, broad backed silver gorilla sat, round shouldered, with his back to them all. As they moved off, Rufus saw Clive lift his middle finger in a final salute to their visit.
Dave knew at that exact moment where his loyalties lay, he knew what he had to do.

Chapter Eleven.

The trendy high street coffee shop was filled with the nations new coffee loving experts, sampling every version of the coffee bean in different sized cups; so the small group of grown ups moved on to Joe's cafe, on a side street, nursing their universal mugs of builders tea around a red Formica topped table. They chatted animatedly about their children who had been friends since reception class and their animal campaign; but were far more agitated about the recent occurrences in their own lives.
" The reason I asked you all to meet me," Becky said," was to ask you just how much of a coincidence you think these hiccups in our lives are? I mean, you all have well run, above board businesses, don't you? I have never failed to pay my rent. Yet at the same time, as our children are causing a bit of a stir with their campaign, so life gets a little tougher for us."
" That sounds a little far fetched," Akash's mother suggested.
"Roshnie, have you ever had the same amount of unannounced visits? Has Akash ever had so many detentions and grief at school?"
" No, our boy keeps his nose clean and studies well. He is a good boy," affirmed Roshnie.
" Ashley too, " said Clint, her dad. " But the trouble at school and all the pressure has got her spooked. She's had to walk away from the campaign, which I am sorry about, because I have never seen her get so involved in anything."
" I know what you mean. Which is why I am not going to let Cameron drop it, even if we have to lose the flat because he showed me a side of himself I haven't seen before. He's always been afraid, nervous to cause attention to himself, but he had so much belief in this, with all his friends, he was fearless, motivated and unstoppable.I can't let him give up, this could change him for the better. I want him to grab life and live it, in a way I never did. He will be a better man, one that is not afraid to fight for what is right in the world."
" You are right Becky, I have had to work hard, keep my head down, but I want my boy to have more. You shouldn't have to lose your flat, that's not right. My cousins eldest daughter is a solicitor, give me a copy of all the correspondence you have had from the council and I will ask her for some advice, she will not charge us."
" That's so kind, thank you. What about the school? It is tantamount to bullying the kids at the moment?"
" We need to unite, demand answers for every action, meet teachers, even the head and look at school policies. I know a governor, I will ask her for her support, to help encourage our children in their fight for the rights for animals, after all if handled wisely it could help raise the schools profile." Ashley's mum added.
" Can I suggest we actually tell the kids we are backing them. It is their campaign but we have their backs?" Vince, Ashley's dad suggested.
" Absolutely, help them to give it their best and hope for not too much flack!"
At the same time Donald was staring at the comments he had seen on his you tube video, some one had something to offer via an anonymous Twitter account. It was probably another spoof, another pathetic attempt to sabotage their campaign, or past campaign, he reminded himself. To be honest, he missed the team, the great feeling he got from working together to make a point, to change something. He was a quiet person but inside he felt loud. He had incredible skills that had never been recognised or praised, he was not the neatest, brightest, coolest, best looking or academic, so he went unnoticed. He had early on been labelled as a nobody, but lately he had been some one. He was the computer geek that pulled the campaign together. The group needed him, respected his skills and he felt important and needed. He missed that.
He went on the Twitter lead and contacted the person, sat back and twenty minutes later, was in possession of the best bit of footage they had ever received. This wasn't fake, it was fantastic and had to be shared. He had an idea that just might work. Did he care about the grief at school, no!

Chapter Twelve.

" Whilst we want to encourage your young person's voice, we are sadly worried, in fact disturbed by your misuse of current personal popularity to incite unrest amongst students Cameron. We have therefore no choice but to suspend you. We have rung your mother and would like you to wait outside the office while we wait for her to arrive. Be warned that any talking to other pupils could result in permanent expulsion!" Finished the Head teacher in a flourish that made Cameron feel she was practising for an Oscar or BAFDA to be presented.
As he shuffled outside, he noticed an old flyer that had been pasted to a classroom window publicising a sponsored silence to raise money for some new sports equipment. He mused over the ways people raise money, but could they also be used to raise awareness and to grab attention? His phone vibrated in his pocket,there was no one about, so he looked. There was a message from Donald saying he needed to talk. He had some footage that was un believably good that had to be acted upon now. Cameron was in trouble up to his armpits, no way would his mum let him carry on now. He felt bad that he had let her down, he dreaded that disappointed look she would have when she turned up to get him. They only had each other and this was going to hurt her, on top of the flat eviction notice, she didn't need any more bad news.
He was broken from his reverie of misery by the sound of heels tripping along the floor. It was his mum, she was moving in a fast, dangerous, deliberate manner, as if her Duracell batteries had just been changed and she was on turbo power. She ignored him, walked straight into the Head's office, unannounced and let loose. Oh boy, he had never heard his mum so animated on her views on bullying and intimidation or children's rights. Luckily, she hadn't closed the door properly and he heard most of what she said, before the head's secretary scrabbled to her feet to shut the door. Five minutes later, his mother stormed from the room, flushed, sailing on a wind of victory, unstoppable in her support for her son, she swept down the corridor, with him dragged along behind in the backdraft.
Her last words on the matter, stayed in his mind.
" We will be back and we want answers."
Cordy, otherwise known as Cordelia, felt the same. She did not want to be silenced by her mother yet again. She was a boarder at school, so actually getting to talk, to her ever busy and very important mum, was essential, desirable and almost unachievable at times. She had tried ringing her, texting her and emailing. No response.
Amanda, had just come out of the shower, sipped her tea and sat back down on the bed catch up on her urgent emails, when the Skype tone sounded again. She sighed, she had so much to do, what was Cordelia ringing again for? Why wasn't the school organising more evening activities? She glanced at her bedside clock, it was 10.30pm. A little late for Cordy for be contacting her. She tapped the screen and her daughters face appeared. Amanda inwardly smiled at her image, such a good looking girl and she was wearing the beautiful red and pink rose pyjamas she had bought her on her last shopping trip in Paris.
" Hello darling, why aren't you in bed. Is no one patrolling the dorms theses days, why when I was at school, we would have been..."
" Mummy, things have changed some what, since the First World War!"
" Cheeky, not that ancient. What's up Cordy, I am snowed under with urgent emails to do before bed and there is an early cabinet meeting tomorrow and then I am flying to..."
" Mummy, please tell me you had nothing to do with the present culling of the ..."
" Sorry Cordy, you know by now I cannot discuss my work with you, it is government business not idle chatter between girls.."
" Mummy please, I cannot bear the inhumane way this situation is being dealt with. There is a rising tide of opposition to what the government is doing, have you seen the Internet? Since your well publicised move to the post everyone at school knows you are probably leading the culling projects! Please talk or meet with the NOA group,they ...."
" Cordy, this is ridiculous! We cannot be dictated to by a group of silly, irrational teenagers, with an overdose of hormones inciting national .."
" They are not ridiculous, have you seen the footage of London Zoo? What about.."
" Enough Cordy, enough! It's lovely to chat but I have more pressing matters to attend to."
" Is daddy there? Perhaps he has time to chat to his only child?"
" Shameful Cordy! Really, don't stoop so low. No daddy isn't here, I think he is Scotland shooting with his friends, try texting him. Got to go now, heaps to do, bye bye !"
Amanda closed down the Skype link, took a few sips of decaffeinated Lady Grey from her fine porcelain tea cup and leant back against the many cushions adorning the bed. She closed her eyes, trying to stop the irritation she felt at her daughter. The trouble with Cordy was she was so impressionable, too emotional, too needy. Amanda provided generously for her and saw her far too infrequently, but she did have her career to consider. Why didn't Cordy realise and appreciate how lucky she was. Amanda rubbed her eyes, looked around for her spectacles and stared momentarily at the empty side of the bed. She couldn't actually remember where her husband was this week, she had made a memo somewhere. Right now she had to work, she was going to turn out the lights at midnight, treat herself to five solid hours of sleep, before another busy but terribly important day. She'd try to catch up with Cordy at the weekend, perhaps by then her daughter would be calmer.
Meanwhile, only seventy five miles away, her daughter lay in her bed wide awake, her emotional brain silently screaming. Her life sucked! She was shoved away in an established highly regarded school to incubate, until such a time, when she hatched into a well formed and reasonably educated girl who would make her parents proud. Put up and shut up, that was what was expected of her. She was far from stupid, she was tolerated at best by her mother, her father she rarely had anything to do with. When would they realise she had feelings, thoughts and opinions. She wanted to work with animals when she was older, an idea that was seen as amusing at home. Unless she was going to be in research, a vet, or a female David Attenborough, it wasn't worth it, her mother mused. Her father was concerned she would be wasting her time and become a leftie of some sort. Well maybe it was time to take a stand, show them what she was worth. Perhaps they would even respect her and notice her, if she did something truly amazing. She was horrified at her mother's blasé attitude to the culling of animals, because of the mystery virus apparently coursing Britain' s wildlife parks and zoos. Since the footage of the London Zoo animal mutiny had gone viral, plus other stories relating to similar animal behaviours across Britain's wildlife parks, there had been an obvious government clamp down on airtime and news devoted to such matters. The recent appearances on TV of her mother, as the cabinet minister responsible for finding a solution to the new strain of viral illness causing the behaviours, was excruciating for her. She believed too the proposed cull of many of the animals was a knee jerk reaction by the government and experts because they were basically clueless to what was going on. She had followed from the onset the London teenage action group,NOA's campaign and admired their determination to try and swing public opinion towards more empathy with the animal crisis. She wondered when those in power lobotomised themselves to only the immoral answers to situations and why they stopped feeling for others? Surely the inexplicably shameless way they exploited animals, whilst preaching to others not to, had to hurt a bit?
Cordy had a brain wave, she knew exactly how to stand up for what she believed in and she could guarantee it would make her parents respect her too.

Chapter Thirteen.

" Mum, are you sure about all this," Cameron asked, " I don't want to make life anymore difficult for you?"
" I couldn't be more sure, you should stand up for what is important to you and what you believe to be right. I will back you all the way and so will the other parents. Call a meeting of your friends, you can use the living room as your campaign head quarters and I will deal with the school, don't you worry about that. "
Cameron put his arm across his mum's shoulders, much easier now he was taller than her and hugged her. Pride and adrenalin by the bucket load, kicked in, with the knowledge that she was there supporting him and proud of his beliefs. He group texted everyone to tell them the state of play and to ask them to drop by after school. He wasn't sure how they would react. He quietly dreaded that except for Donald, they'd given up on him. He kept himself busy so the afternoon would pass by without continually watching the clock. He caught up with all the new footage and clips sent to the group site, he read tweets and emails. One in particular captured his attention, a request for him to meet up with someone with a great plan to get more nationwide, even worldwide coverage for their campaign.
An hour later, all Cameron's fears of a 'no show' from his mates disappeared; their living room was a heaving mass of bodies, many new people all from school, all talking at once and clamouring for his attention. He climbed up on the arm of the chair, his mum would normally have killed him for, to call order.
Once people were sat or leant against any surface they could rest on, Cameron went through the latest unusual animal actions, that were silently striding against the world, demonstrating clearly their dissent against treatment by mankind. He outlined the red tape and punitive measures against himself, his mum and other peoples parents in the group. Donald showed footage of the most topical and disturbing stories, particularly that of London zoo and the mass culling proposal about to be agreed.
" We need drastic action and fast," Cameron urged, with waves of whistling, slapping and general agreement around the tiny room. " If we don't make ourselves heard, how on earth can the animals? This is like some kind of madness; aimed at the youngest and the most powerless. I was sure before, but now with the underhand and devious reactions of the government and so called experts, I am now bloody determined not to give up. We all have a voice, let's use it!"
If environmental noise control had been in the locality, Cameron and his mums eviction would have been quicker than a jack rabbit escaping from a trap,the roars that resounded in the small flat could be heard ringing in everyone's ears, long after they stopped. Cameron's mum was just returning with important food supplies for the troops, when she stopped outside on the street to hear the roar of positive noise and power of expectant teenage hopes. She beamed from ear to ear and felt fifteen again. It was better than great because life had been a struggle to survive for so long now, she'd forgotten how fantastic it was to be passionate and free to express hope. She was worried about their future, the flat and his school, but some things were bigger and more pressing; right now that was helping her son and his friends to speak up and to not be afraid of the powers that be. If cheese puffs and a glass of non fizzy helped, then she would continue to fuel that fire.
When the new campaigners had left, the core original group sat around and planned precisely what their next steps should be. Donald had written a clear and strong letter to the government asking them to work towards lessening the exploitation of animals, they all listened in silence as he read it aloud.

Dear Prime Minister.
Please consider how you would feel without a home? Without food or water? No privacy and no security to raise your children or for when you were older. If you are devoid of such feelings and only respond to facts please consider the following.
Modern life has intentionally not only blurred the lines between animal behaviour and human behaviour, but completely misinterpreted animal and human behaviour as well. In a deliberately corrupt way, man has over used animals in every way for their own gain.
We don’t have the same instincts like in the animal world. Our behaviours are socially conditioned. For example, greed is a thoroughly socially conditioned human “instinct”; animals know nothing of greed.The ability of animals to naturally adapt has now been significantly interfered with and degraded by encroaching human activity. Biological Diversity specialists admit that we are currently experiencing the worst spate of species die-offs since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Although extinction is a natural phenomenon, it occurs at a natural “background” rate of about one to five species per year. Scientists estimate we’re now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate, with literally dozens becoming extinct every day. NOA feels that is a very worrying prediction, with as many as 30 to 50 percent of all species possibly heading toward extinction by mid-century.
Animals are scared, they are trying in non threatening ways to make us aware of our crazy ways. We all have to listen and act now.
Please use your power and influence to change this catastrophic situation and fast.

Yours Sincerely,

NOA. No Other Agenda.

" That's really good Donald, you are brilliant. How come you suck in English when you can write like that!" laughed Maggie.
Donald beamed with the praise from his mates. Sadly, despite the brilliance of his letter, they doubted it would change things, but they all signed it anyway. They did know however they had the support of some adults.
" My dad has now complied with every part of the report he was given for the shop," Akash said, " he's been great, never known him so interested in what we are doing. Did you know our parents all met up?"
" Yeah, apparently, it was your mum's idea Cams," Ashley added.
" At the end of the day, we couldn't do it without their support. Not with school being unhelpful and with what ever else gets thrown at us. We still don't know what else the almighty powerful ones have got lined up for us, do we?"

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