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Xiaon G12 :Core Element by P l BENTHAM


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Xiaon G12: Core Element. 
Chapter 1: Climate Disorder. 
Vickelli square, Vickelli City, Planet Ramduan 12th sector. [Four light years from Earth] 
 The air was humid and dusty, and the nearest sun shone brightly on the planet Ramduan. The market place of Vickelli square was filled with locals buying a variety of goods. Kiosks, Carts, and stalls predominated the area, encouraging the locals to interact constantly. The area was crowded, and sandy, old and overused, there had not been an influx of funds to modernize the market. 
 A small ship hovered above the market square. The five-foot-tall ivory locals[The Ramduans], switched their gaze and froze. The ship descended, and several androids made their way down steel steps in succession. 
 Tall and armed, they were adorned with humanoid physicalities. Taking the natives by surprise, the androids gunned several of the Ramduans down, with their proton rifles. 
A much larger transporter arrived and landed. Its boarding ladder collapsed, the shooting stopped, and a much larger android marched out. It wore a helmet, which distinguished it from the other mechanical soldiers. 
‘‘Ramduans let your deaths be a message to your leaders, that their disrespect for life has not gone unnoticed and will not go unchecked, and your debt will be repaid''. The Large android stood out from the other robots and stated. 
One of the natives, an Elderly Ramduan, approached the tallest android and dropped to his knees. 
‘‘Please stop, we have seen much death over the years,'' He said presuming it was the leader. 
‘‘There is no time for mercy, '' It reached for one of the other androids Proton blasters and fired at the older civilian.  
‘‘Carry out order 71,'' The Leader ordered his Sargent returning his blaster. 
The subordinate a slightly shorter android turned to the other soldiers. 
'' Corporals, Order 71 implementation, now,'' It barked to its fellow androids. 
The Androids remained silent, as several Ramduans held onto each other with fear. The Androids placed their weapons on their sides, and retracted from their backpacks small detonators, and placed them on the ground. 
 The Sargent primed the charges, the detonators bleeped continuously, counting down.  
The tallest robot looked around at the natives, running around in a frenzy. The leader showed no remorse for its actions, turned away from them, and walked up to the steps to its ship. 
 The Sargent ordered his corps once more. 
''Return to the ships.'' It said following the leader. The other androids moved towards the vessels. 
A young female, bulky in shape, grabbed a plank of wood from a nearby kiosk and ran towards a ship, hoping to board it or at least attack the Androids. She met blaster fire, and her lifeless body fell to the ground. 
  The panic intensified, as some scurried for shelter. Others ran aimlessly in many directions, all over each other. The detonators went off fires burst out and flooded the market square.  
The leader boarded its ship and looked down at the chaos and set a course for another planet. The other ships having achieved their task vacated Vickelli city and returned to their base. 
Two lights years away from Earth, the small cruiser ship the messenger was on autopilot its course, a system called Duriant. The ship's captain, a maverick bounty hunter. G12 was en route to his home planet and drank whiskey whilst in his meditation centre throughout. 
''Incoming message Agent G12,'' Belled the ship's computer from its overhead speakers. G12 arose from the bed and steadied himself, walked to the control console of the ship, and pressed the play option. A holocron of his human handler Earl Swift appeared. 
''Agent G12, Agent 56 has gone missing whilst on a mission on a system called Ramduan. Your mission is to locate him,'' Swift urged, he was a stout man with a long moustache who looked about sixty. 
''How long has he been missing for?'' G12 asked taking another sip of whiskey. 
''The last communication we had from him was three weeks ago,'' Swift informed looking at the bottle. 
''Consider it done, I'm on my way,'' G12 responded with a modicum of respect. 
''Good, you are to liaise with a detective Severign of Vickelli Police at the city centre. It has been attacked by unknown forces, so use some discretion when making your inquiries about agent 56,'' Swift urged. 
''Well you know me, I'm always tactful, '' G12 smirked taking another mouthful of whiskey. 
''Yes I know that's what I'm worried about...Swift out.'' The old man mentioned, rolling his eyes, and then shaking his head. 
G12 usually resented the task of finding a missing person, but Agent 56 was a great warrior and a close friend for many years. G12 was a tad, worried about Agent 56's welfare,  it sounded as if Agent 56 needed help. 
No one knew what the G12 stood for. It was self-assigned, and in the fifty years of working for the confederation, no one ever questioned it. 
G12 was from a race called '' Core Elements'', of which had a life span of over two hundred and fifty years. G12 had lived for over Seventy years, so in relative terms, he was in his prime. He had served in the military before becoming a bounty hunter, so bloodshed was no stranger to him. 
The Core Elements were peculiar looking beings, and G12  was no exception. G12 inspired curiosity wherever he went, he stood at ten feet tall, with light grey skin, fangs, spots, and spikey hair. 
He returned to the medical bay and resumed drinking his bottle of whiskey. He reached for the inner pocket of his waistcoat and retracted a small locket. The oval silver trinket opened out flat, and up sprung video footage of two beings of his race. One was a young male and another female. They were his wife and child, they had been dead for over thirty years. He drank to subdue the pain, to numb the sense of loss. G12  and his wife were married for fifteen years, his boy was only six years old.  
A few hours after accepting his mission, he arrived on Ramduan. He left his ship at the nearest docking bay and took a speeder to the market place. A local police officer received him and pointed out Detective Severign. By that stage, any small effects of alcohol were no longer present in his system or appearance.  
The area had developed into a crime scene. G12 approached the vicinity watching law enforcement draw outlines to establish evidence areas. 
''Are you in charge here?'' G12 asked on approach. 
‘‘Yes, you must be Agent G12, I would like to say welcome to Ramduan, but it wouldn't be the best of times for you to visit, to be fair,'. The Ramduan ran his fingers through his thick long white hair and sighed. 
‘‘You're Severign I presume?'' G12 quizzed ignoring the sentiment implied. He eyed up Severign, who was much shorter than him, but he had a build much stronger than what G12 had observed from the other inhabitants. 
‘‘Yes, it's been stressful, the locals are fearful that the attackers would return,'' Severign mentioned taking note of the broken buildings, shattered windows and desecrated park benches. 
‘‘I'm here to locate a missing Agent, did he report to you?'' G12 enquired holding out a picture of a furry mammal male. He was there to do a job not to be a counselor. 
‘‘No, but we have some HD footage at the station. Later I'll show them to you and introduce you to my superiors since we will be working together,'' Severign replied feeling slightly befuddled by the G12's abruptness. 
Chapter 2: Fectaron Legislator. 
It had traveled for hours across many systems then finally the Android leader, that attacked Ramduan, eventually reached its destination. It had made its way to a major spaceport. The hub was at least a mile long, with various ships interchanging and refueling, including its accompanying Sargents cruiser's. 
 It stepped out of its ship and walked into a large steel tunnel until eventually being greeted by an android guarding a  secured door. 
''Sir, you have a telecom message from Senator Whetherton of Ramduan,'' The Android stated. 
''Fine, I will receive it in my meeting room.'' The leader commanded. 
The walls of the meeting room were lined with holocrons of battleships, it had amassed them through years of war. Androids were stationed at every corner of the darkroom. At the far end of the room was a control desk, which governed his intel.  
 A spectral light came from the control board, and from the light projected a figure of a Ramduan, who was in smart clothes, and of mature age.  
‘‘General your forces attacked Vickelli Square, unprovoked, what was the meaning of this? '' Senator Whetherton said addressing the Android leader. 
‘‘I would have thought that was obvious Senator. You have failed to repay the debt on time,''  
'' So by killing innocent civilians, you think this will speed up the process?'' Whetherton questioned. 
''You needed to be taught a lesson, as it seemed unclear whether or not you understood the terms of our agreement,'' The Android leader reiterated. 
'' But do you understand that Ramduan has been through several years of economic decline. Employment has been at an all-time low, that's why we took the debt in the first place,'' The Senator slammed his fists on his desk and took a deep breath. 
''Be mindful of your tone, or else there will be repercussions. Your constraints are no concern of mine, you knew there would be penalties if you did not follow the repayment plan,'' The leader followed, it was illogical to emotionally blackmail him. 
''But if you destroy our Cities, our industries, kill all of our workers, then how can you expect us to repay you and your employer?'' The Senator insisted. 
'' That is your responsibility, Senator. I am not an economist. I will return to Ramduan to instruct another lesson if I do not receive repayment. End transmission.'' The Android leader turned away from the control centre, alarmed at the ignorance of the Senator. 
It settled down on a chair, by a table in the middle of the room. Exhausted from the journey, it removed its helmet, removed his tunic from his black bodysuit. Large antennae protruded from his forehead,  along with enormous serpent eyes. The helmet was a ruse to conceal his identity: The Gibris. 
The Gibris was a fectarion, a race from a star far away from Duriant, Earth or Ramduan. Fectarions were known for piracy, so the Gibris had no remorse for his actions on Ramduan, it was in his nature to be cold-blooded. 
The Gibris was merely following orders that his employer had given him. 
G12 was still at the market square. He took time to delve into his cerebral lortex. 
 He had the capabilities for teleportation, acquisition of foreign languages and far more .G12 surveyed the area looking for clues, under a small kiosk, he found shells from bullets. He had not recognised them; they had a cylinder shape, and the tip of the bullet had a spiral curve. He would need to have this examined to find a lead on the assailants. Also, it might locate Agent 56. 
‘‘Any surviving witnesses,'' G12 asked Detective Severign. 
‘‘Yes, a small youth who is residing in an apartment two blocks away managed to get a glimpse of the incident……'' 
G12 continued to analyse the evidence. 
 What's that an empty shell? Shall I take it to ballistics,' ' Severign questioned, a line of civility was present. 
‘‘No if you find another one does as you wish, but this little fella is going to my source,'' G12 didn't mean to insult the officer but he had a lifetime of corrupt police and evidence accidentally being misplaced. G12 decided he would take it to his people where he could be sure the evidence would be handled appropriately. 
‘‘Hey this is my case as well. Don't think you can come and take over the whole operation!' ' The Ramduan balked. 
‘‘I'm not here to step on your toes, I'm just here to get the job done and find a missing agent….Now let's go see that kid.'' 
copyright Paul Bentham[c]2019

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