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User Id: winton

Email Address: Private

Date Registered: 10 May 2010

Author's Biography

Before writing Beyond Nostalgia, I wrote another novel entitled, The Overseas Highway. Since then I've penned seven short stories. Virtually everything I've done has come close to publication--but no cigar. If there was a Pulitzer Prize for the most "almosts", I'm certain I would finish in second place.

The last twelve years of my working life I spent in sales, but before that I did everything from driving a cab in New York City to gandy dancing with a railroad crew in the Colorado Rockies.

I've lived in South Florida for way too long now, and am looking forward to relocating to Maine or North Carolina's Smoky Mountains.

My email address is -- winton15(at)att(dot)net

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
The Last American Martyr 20 May 2011
Movin' On 06 Jun 2010
Beyond Nostalgia 11 May 2010


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