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Date Registered: 24 October 2014

Author's Biography

The idea for ‘The Abduction of Emily Byrne’ came to me when I lived in a remote and isolated cabin on the Harrison River in British Columbia. I was fascinated that the river had once been the route for prospectors in the forgotten gold rush of 1858.

My working life has been dedicated to words including writing pamphlets, advertising, speeches, and political literature when I was active in politics.

I attended college and universities in Canada and the UK studying writing, fine arts and psychology. These interests led to devising and presenting personal development courses using writing and painting.

I am now working on my second book.

Book Chapters

This author has uploaded the following book chapters. To view a book, click on the book title.

Title Date Uploaded
The Widow's Graveyard Chap 59 06 Mar 2017
The Widow's Graveyard, Chap 52 28 Feb 2017
The Widow's Graveyard, Chap.47 02 Feb 2017
The Widow's Graveyard (Ch 39) 23 Aug 2016
The Widow's Graveyard (Chap 34) 15 Jul 2016
The Widow's Graveyard (Ch.33) 27 Apr 2016
The Widow's Graveyard (Ch 23 Revised) 06 Apr 2016
The Widow's Graveyard (Ch.17) 05 Mar 2016
The Widow's Graveyard (Ch.11) 05 Feb 2016
The Westminster Chiming Clock 14 Sep 2015
The Affair 13 Sep 2015
Anjelica's Plot (revised) 04 Jul 2015
The Widow's Graveyard (Ch 6) 08 Apr 2015
The Widow's Graveyard (1) 18 Mar 2015
Rough Justice 18 Mar 2015
The Abduction of Emily Byrne (2) 09 Mar 2015
The Abduction of Emily Byrne (3) 25 Feb 2015
Anjelica's Plot (revised) 23 Feb 2015
The Widow's Graveyard - (4) 20 Jan 2015
The Widow's Graveyard formerly The Abduction of Emily Byrne 27 Dec 2014


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