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Date Registered: 6 March 2014

Author's Biography

Veronica Knox was born in England and raised in the prairies of western Canada.

She has a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alberta, where she studied Art History, Classical Studies, and Oil Painting. In her career as a graphic designer, illustrator, art therapist, and ‘fine artist,’ she has also worked with the brain-injured and autistic, developing new theories of hand-to-eye-to-mind connection.

Veronica presently lives on the Pacific coast of Canada on Vancouver Island, supporting local animal rescue shelters, painting, writing, editing other author’s novels, and championing the conservation of tigers and elephants, and their habitats.

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Title Date Uploaded
TWINTER-the first portal 16 Mar 2014
ADORATION 15 Mar 2014
Second Lisa 06 Mar 2014


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