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Date Registered: 13 November 2008

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I live alone, surrounded by family and friends. Outside of my family, my main interest is writing, followed by lunch with friends, dinner with friends, girly weekends, mostly with my proof-reader. As with most writers, talking is my second favourite pastime on the list of things to do. The third is cooking..or perhaps eating...??

Gardening time is important, even though my plot is miniscule. Flowering plants and an apple tree embrace the fresh wonders of changing seasons.

My Grandparents are the basis of many of my works. I just love the memories of that old cottage without a proper damp course, one electric light and the huge black range.

In the early days of writing, I composed children's stories, with each one of my six grandchildren appearing as the main character.

That's about it!

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Title Date Uploaded
Street End Chapter 2 16 Nov 2017
Street End 07 Sep 2017


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