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Date Registered: 4 July 2012

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I've joined this site to try and improve my own writing, not to climb charts or boost my own ego. I'm not a professional editor but do my best to give honest crit as I see it and hope for nothing less from other members. It's a learning and improving process.

I've spent thousands of pounds on professional edits over the years but learnt a great deal more in the first two months on this site.

Thanks to everyone who's offered their advice. All crit's taken on board and carefully considered. I hope every one of you gain as much pleasure from your own writing and critique as I have from mine.

The truth is, I'm not a writer, I'm a story teller. A story pops into my head, often triggered by the most obscure things. I feel it, see it, characters walk in and take over my life, pushing me around, forcing me to put them before food or sleep. They take me to places I've never dreamt of, and so I research. Research is the most exciting chore connected to writing. I love every enlightening detail.

We who know the pleasure of embroidering fact and fantasy are a lucky bunch.
Working on my writers platform here:

Latest news: Sold novel to Bonnier Zaffre, out in 2017 all supermarkets/book shops/on line. Island of Secrets (set in Crete).

Busy preparing our new house on the beach (Rhodes) to let rooms to writers and photographers for 2017.

Writing: Photography: Ephotozine, PatriciaWilson. Facebook: Patricia M Wilson.

Happy writing,
Patricia Wilson, XX

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
ISLAND of SECRETS (Revised) 02 May 2015
LOST IN SPACE (short story) 15 Feb 2015
Trilogy 1 THE GREEK (revised) 27 Jan 2015
DRIVEN by DREAMS 29 Jan 2014
THE GREEK 12 Apr 2013
AFTER THE TONE (Short Story) 28 Mar 2013


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