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Date Registered: 1 August 2018

Author's Biography

John has long been a believer in characters that touch us by reflecting ourselves in their stories. He has spent his life exploring characters with his students. With a bachelors degree in Language Arts and Theatre, and a masters in teaching literature, his career has spanned the last thirty years. Each person who he explored character with through theatre, film, and literature has shaped his writing today.
In his free time John is a marathoner who loves running under the clear Kansas sky with his wife and running partner. He crafts games out of scrap wood, creating mounds of sawdust in the process. And among talents and hobbies too numerous to mention here, he loves to read and be transported on far flung adventures.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
Poor Wealthy Ch 2.2 13 Aug 2018
Poor Wealthy Ch 2.1 01 Aug 2018


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