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Date Registered: 2 October 2009

Author's Biography

My name is Shane and I am a 27-year-old journalist currently working for the Press Association. I write fiction in my spare time, and use my fascination with post-war popular youth culture to influence my work.
The work of George Orwell, J.D Salinger and Colin McInnes got me into writing and I continue to be inspired by contemporary authors such as David Peace, Richard Milward, Jake Arnott and Helen Walsh.
My work focuses on the lives of adolescents growing up in a fucked-up post-millennium world, where drug abuse, narcissism, mental illness and careless sex are all commonplace.
I weave the stories of these disaffected kids around the culture and politics of their time, creating a unique brand of non-fiction fiction - or at least that is what I am attempting!

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
The Referendum will be televised 01 Jan 2020
Old Bones 18 Aug 2016
Those left behind 10 Oct 2015
Mullered 2012 22 Jul 2012
Mullered Chapter 3 08 Oct 2011
Mullered 25 May 2011


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