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Date Registered: 28 December 2006

Author's Biography

Serge Gainsbourg's Battered Ballet Pumps is my first (recently completed) novel. Currently researching my second novel - a prequel exploring Lucille's early life.

For 2 years I lived in a Parisien garrett with a copy of Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast" permanently in my pocket. Working for CBS's Bureau Chief I learned to write, to take a decent photograph, and how to make a roux sauce. The Bureau Chief gave up the rat race to become a 5$-an-hour ranch hand in Texas. I came back to England to become a writer. He is living his dream, now I am doing the same.

Book Chapters

This author has uploaded the following book chapters. To view a book, click on the book title.

Title Date Uploaded
The Green Door 25 May 2008
Wheezy Rider (version III) 22 Mar 2008
Serge Gainsbourg's Battered Ballet Pumps - Chapters 5 to 8 13 Aug 2007
Serge Gainsbourg's Battered Ballet Pumps Version Two 01 May 2007


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