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User Id: fleursdemontblanc

Email Address: Private

Date Registered: 24 November 2009

Author's Biography

I'm still here. I'm still writing. Not as often as I used. I was knocked down by a thoughtless driver in December 2013 and there are days when it's too painful to sit at my computer. I'm ageing faster than I used, too, but I've still got ambitions.

Many thanks to all those who take the time to read and review my work.

Celia (writing as Celia Micklefield)
@cmicklefield on Twitter

Book Chapters

This author has uploaded the following book chapters. To view a book, click on the book title.

Title Date Uploaded
The End of the World Party 25 Feb 2013
Yesterday's Shoes 24 Oct 2012
Trobairitz 06 Jun 2012
Not Rodgers and Hammerstein 21 Nov 2011
The Sandman and Mrs Carter (revised) 18 Oct 2011
Tom's Cruise 03 Sep 2010
Bitters and Sockers 10 Aug 2010
My Turn to Speak 13 May 2010
Gardiane de Taureau 01 May 2010
The Meter Man 17 Mar 2010
Something to Say 03 Mar 2010
Proper Poorly 23 Feb 2010
Clair de Lune 04 Jan 2010
Pastels at Dawn 15 Dec 2009
Walsingham Matilda 24 Nov 2009


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