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Date Registered: 2 September 2009

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I live on a boat on the canal with my husband and 17 year old son. I've got five children and five grandchildren. I lived in France for ten years and before that on a Welsh sheep farm. I've loved King Arthur since I was a tiny child and saw The Sword In the Stone. Now that I've been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome I know it is my aspie obsession. That and horses.

I speak fluent French and love reading, researching and am teaching myself Ancient Greek at the moment.

The Midwinter Child, The Sleeper in the Sea and The Tomb of the Queen, are available on kindle on amazon. I'm just waiting for my older son to do me a cover for the fourth book - The Giant's Dance. These are all aimed at children of about 9 to 14. But adults have enjoyed them too.

I'm currently working on a novel for adults this time, although still revolving around my favourite subject - King Arthur. This is PENDRAGON : The Dragon Ring, inspired by a visit to Glastonbury Tor where my husband took 4 photos of the Tor and in two of them the tower had vanished. Was it a window in time to an era when the tower didn't exist? I like to think it was.

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PENDRAGON : The Dragon Ring (revised) 17 Jul 2018


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