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User Id: esquire27

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Date Registered: 2 July 2006

Author's Biography

I live in Mobile, Alabama with my wife and three children. I have worked as a clerk, a manager, a transportation supervisor, and an attorney with several firms. I began writing in 2000, and since then have completed two novels and numerous short stories. My first novel, A Premonition of Death, was published by Legend Press in late 2008. I am currently looking for representation for my second novel, Cause and Effect. This site has improved my craft and I welcome constructive criticism from those who review my work. I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer.

Book Chapters

This author has uploaded the following book chapters. To view a book, click on the book title.

Title Date Uploaded
Zombie Island 15 Oct 2012
Lost and Found (revised) 29 Dec 2010
Confession/ A Life Taken 17 Nov 2010
Proximate Cause (revised) 19 Jul 2010
Lost and Found 21 Feb 2010
It Couldn't Happen to Her 26 Oct 2009
Proximate Cause 08 Jul 2008
A Cross by the Road (Revised) 22 Jun 2008
A Little Known Fact (Revised) 01 May 2008
A Cross by the Road 27 Apr 2008
Stanley/The Resignation 31 Mar 2008
Hiding in Plain View 24 Feb 2008
A Little Known Fact 01 Feb 2008
A Premonition of Death (Second Revision) 19 Nov 2007
Family Values (Revised) 12 Jun 2007
A Premonition of Death (Revised) 04 Jan 2007
Cause and Effect, Part 2 18 Oct 2006
The Great American Hero 15 Aug 2006
Cause and Effect 22 Jul 2006
A Premonition of Death 08 Jul 2006
Family Values 05 Jul 2006


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