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Date Registered: 25 April 2012

Author's Biography

My passion for languages took me out of my country while I was still a high-school student. I've lived, studied and worked in England, in Spain, in Austria, in Germany, in the Dominican Republic, and since 1994 I've been living as ex-pat in Italy, where I had a language school for ten years until, due to one life-changing personal experience in the Dominican Republic, I decided to write my first book, The Coral Reef, which I'm currently revising to republish it as Los Corales.
I love writing stories in foreign languages - so far in English, German, Italian and Spanish.
I have no big plans for the future, except to learn more languages and publish the books that I've written.

I am Vlah, a freelance foreign language teacher and interpreter.

The term 'Vlah' denotes a dialect of Rumanian and a member of an ethnic minority, inhabiting a number of villages in Eastern Serbia

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
Los Corales 07 Nov 2018
The Vlah Way 14 Sep 2018


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