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Author Profile: draig << Back

User Id: draig

Email Address: Private

Date Registered: 24 February 2006

Author's Biography

I live with my pleasantly plump wife (Lorraine), dog (Connie - now passed to a better place) 12 Zebra finches (Eddie & Sunshine). That's if you care what pets I got.

Other interests: Punk, Folk & Blues, Ancient British culture, astral projection & the afterlife.

Now 56 years old and waiting to die. Thanks for your lack of interest.

The Kindle edition of My novel, Awake King Arthur, is available at Amazon

Book Chapters

This author has uploaded the following book chapters. To view a book, click on the book title.

Title Date Uploaded
End of Life 02 Jan 2019
Return of the Living Dad 28 Nov 2017
Zeezee Cop - the Novel 29 Jul 2011
Aaron the Leper and Other Incarnations 27 May 2011
The Bushes Scream 15 Jan 2011
Cheating Karma 30 Nov 2010
ZZ Cop and the Randy Turnip 30 May 2010
Lesser of Two Evils (further chapters) 24 Oct 2009
Cherry Ripe 06 Sep 2009
Waking Lloegr (further chapters) 25 Aug 2009
ZZ Cop 19 Jan 2009
Lesser of Two Evils rev 28 Nov 2008
Discomfort Zone 15 Oct 2008
Awake, King Arthur 19 Apr 2006


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