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What is the ultimate human experience?

We will all rise and claim our favourite experience, so there is nothing of value in all in our opinions. Instead we should ask, what makes us unique from the animals?

Happiness is trite; I can be happy watching a butterfly. In the moment of happiness, no thought enters the mind. What about love? I am tempted to choose love, but a cow nurtures and cares for its young, and when humans do it, we call this care “love”.

The only answer is betrayal. Only humans betray, and feel betrayed, and the betrayal of love is the rich soil upon which humanity thrives. Virtually every great book tells a story of love betrayed, and time and time again, like a small dog, I return in the hope it will be different.

It never is.

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What Do Dogs Dream of? (Chapter 2) 08 Oct 2018
What do dogs dream of? 20 Sep 2018


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