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Being a lover of history and politics, writing fictional novels with a historical background became Rob's passion.

These two themes are the basis for drama and suspense throughout his books. History, particularly Greek and Scottish history, have fascinated Rob for a long time and usually aspects of both histories work their way into his books.

Being a new author, it has taken some time for Rob to find his feet and settle in a genre to which he feels most suited. This learning experience is not complete and Rob's new book is a step away from the genres of previous efforts.

Having completed a series of books, it was time to try another genre and the first book in the new genre is finished to draft stage. It still has thriller overtones, but ventures into the paranormal and supernatural. Decisions about publishing the book are still to be made and the end of 2019 should see a course set. Now is the time for some critical assessments of the new book and hopefully those will confirm it is on the right course.

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THE DARK SOUL - Revised 20 Mar 2020


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